How Quincy & King Combs Ended up at VOBARA


While most little boys dream of filling their fathers shoes, it’s safe to say Quincy and King Combs, sons of hip-hop legend Sean Combs, AKA P. Diddy, AKA Puff Daddy, had some huge shoes to fill growing up. These artists are doing a great job today; they never fail to put on a show or show off their success through their always custom, always “iced out” jewelry. Of course, a trusty jeweler is in demand for these trending artists. Miami entrepreneur Alex Arabov fills the need for high-end custom pieces with his brand, VOBARA.


VOBARA is a company that swears by hard work and consistency to deliver top-quality pieces to all their customers. The brand caught the attention of many and started selling several of its unique designs to Quincy Combs. From there, VOBARA’s introduction to King Combs was made, and a business relationship was born.


While many celebrities with a fan base create some type of custom product to sell to the die-hards, like t-shirts or hats, Quincy came to VOBARA to create something truly unique for his fanbase: custom pendants. As with any customer, Alex sat down with Quincy and talked through the idea until they created the perfect design. The only difference with this pendant was that it was not created as a one-of-a-kind unique piece. This piece was produced and sold to fans through Quincy’s social media.


By providing not just a product, but a comfortable creative outlet to the Combs brothers, Alex continued to build a relationship with both brothers and gained countless other celebrity customers through this relationship. This is just one example of how the whole experience provided by VOBARA is genuinely one of a kind.


With increased visibility from honorable mentions and customer satisfaction, VOBARA has become the up-and-coming jewelry establishment of this generation. The company offers a personal touch to create an unmatched experience for its customers. VOBARA knows that everyone has a choice, which is why it is so important to surpass expectations with exclusive attention. Alex says, “I want them to be able to open up creatively so I can make their idea a reality.”

It is without a doubt that downtown Miami’s VOBARA has hit major milestones in the jewelry industry. As far as marketing, the company’s key to success is quality and consistency. Alex says, “We aren’t out to post the most bling or most expensive watches. We make sure that all the content we put out shows quality.” From the aesthetic of VOBARA’s Instagram to their press releases, providing value is their number one priority. The brand wants their target audience to feel that same attention to detail as their clients’ do. It is evident that one of VOBARA’s core values is to exceed expectations for every single customer they are fortunate enough to build a relationship with.

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