Washaho Cree Nation COVID-19 Lockdown Update

Wasaho Cree Nation School
Wasaho Cree Nation School

WASHAHO CREE NATION – COVID-19 Update – Officials in Washaho Cree Nation say that it has been confirmed that there is an additional active covid case in the community.

The first individual who received positive results this morning, has been flown out of the community to a hospital.

The second individual who received positive results this evening, is doing well and asymptomatic. This individual is isolating in the community.
Lockdown will continue for the next 14 days ending on September 14 2021, if there are no more additional cases.

Essential Services are to operate as usual.

This includes stores, the Post Office, the Nursing Station, the Band office (Welfare, Payroll, AP) Sewage & Fuel Services, Water Treatment, Hydro & Wasaya Airways.

Please follow all the protocols. Social distancing, wear masks and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. Contact should be only within your household members. Stay safe!