The words of the famous singer Mr. Behnam Khedri about the future career of singing in Iran


A singer is a person who can make musical sounds with his voice. Of course, ordinary reading or speaking is different; Because there is no rhythm in normal speaking. But in many ways, the act of singing is like speaking; As it can be understood, anyone who speaks can sing. You have to be careful when singing, people with damaged or paralyzed vocal cords can not be singers.

The singer can perform one or more types of music, depending on his culture and nationality, which may or may not be accompanied by a musical instrument. Usually a singing activity is performed with a group like the Kerry group in different voices or with a group of musicians like a rock or baroque group. The singer can sing formally or informally. It is interesting to note that singing can be predetermined or improvised. The purpose of singing is also different. Pleasure, comfort, ritual, education or material gain are among the goals that the singer pursues in singing. Many people are looking for the best way to become a professional singer, but regular training, work, and practice over time are the most basic ways to become a professional singer. You may also be wondering what styles of professional singers work in music. In answer to this question, we have to say that there is no specific style that professional singers follow, but most of them try to move forward in a musical style. For example, they are increasing their knowledge and skills through a lot of practice or education under the supervision of prominent teachers and professors in one of the fields of music. Also, in order for the singers to use all their abilities and talents, they use the advice of experienced people in the field of sound engineering.

It may be interesting to you that there are no exact criteria for choosing a good and ideal singer, because a person may have a good voice but not follow the results! It is certain that singing is not common in this scientific example. In contrast, there is a group of people who have the talent to sing, but no one notices their talent.


A brief biography of Behnam Khedri

Behnam Khedri Gharibvand, nicknamed Behnam Khedri, was born on May 9, 1989 in Isfahan, Iran. He is one of the famous Iranian singer who has several famous music tracks in his career during his professional career.


If you want to be a singer in Iran, do not miss!


Singing is as lucrative as any job anywhere in the world. For example, the position of singing and concert performance in modern and developed countries is in the ideal ascending chart; It accounts for 2 to 12 percent of gross national income.

What are the requirements for reading?


Having talent, practice and focus and a combination of the two can get you to the position you love in singing. Of course, you also need to know that the natural capacity of sound can be much more effective than this combination. To achieve a pleasant and appropriate sound, you need to practice and practice

Is singing a hobby or a fascination?


By opening websites to download songs and music and listening to the music of singers, it is easy to understand what exactly the singer’s purpose was in releasing this song in an album or as a single. Then you think to yourself that if you had a pocket full of money and wrote a few words on a piece of paper and chose a good composer for your work, you could become famous like a singer and be admired among your fans for hours!

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