Real life to the fictional world, Mark Van Stratum draws a parallel to reflect one of the best tales


Paradoxical tales that communicate real-life circumstances, while keeping that fictional touch and dramatic climax is the spice we all look out for in a book. Rather than sticking to the usual genres that discuss conventional stories or predictable plotlines, from time to time, we need to zone out and read a fresh book that challenges our senses and declares war in our heads.

Alpha Seed, Beta Need is exactly that. This book is written by author, Mark Van Stratum and is the new fascination for the book community today. It has garnered a huge following from its global audience for being a striking romantic thriller.

The book vividly describes the relationship between Mark Van Stratum and his lover. It starts with a profound love story that has survived through the thick and thin, that was left on a threshold of devastation. While he contemplates all of the loving memories he has once experienced with her, he cannot overlook the possibility of his son being an illegitimate product of a love affair.

The story keeps you wanting more as it takes you on an overwhelming journey of emotions and questions. Alpha Seed, Beta Need is an outstanding reflection of love trauma and the search for the truth. Whether you are a hopeless romantic looking for heartbreak, or you are just another adventure-craving sweetheart, Mark Van Stratum’s novel will not disappoint.

While explaining the complexity of his write-ups, Mark states that the books are majorly inspired by his own life. Metaphorical language hides the toughest pain, while euphemism is the essence of storytelling. In Drug of Choice, Mark shares one of the most important anecdotes of his life, which catered as a life-altering turn.

Unlike other authors who might follow a certain story to engage their readers, Mark has always made sure to provide a life lesson alongside. He believes that an author is responsible for everything they write and their voice has the power to influence people’s lives for the better.

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