Northwest Fire Region – August 26, 2021 – Wildfire Update

Wildfire Update

Thunder Bay – Wildfire Update – There are currently 82 active fires in the region. There has been a lifting of the open burning bans in Thunder Bay, except so far for Neebing.

Northwest Region 

  • Two new fires were discovered in the northwest region by the late afternoon of Aug. 26.
    • Kenora 149 was located on an island on Dogpaw Lake approximately 10 kilometres southeast of Sioux Narrows. The 0.1 hectare fire has been called out.
    • Nipigon 80 is located near Meta Lake, approximately 55 kilometres northwest of Nakina. The 0.1 hectare fire is not under control.
  • At the time of this update there were 82 active fires in the northwest region. A total of 11 fires were not under control, four fires were being held, nine fires were under control and 58 fires were being observed. One fire was called out today.
  • The wildland fire hazard is moderate to high in the Fort Frances, Thunder Bay and Nipigon sectors. Low to moderate fire hazard conditions are prevalent in Kenora, Dryden and Sioux Lookout sectors. Hazard conditions in the Red Lake sector are low.
  • To see the wildland fire hazard near you, visit our interactive map at

Fires of Note 

Kenora 51– 200,667 hectares – not under control

  • Cooler temperatures and high relative humidity has reduced fire behaviour and the potential for new fire starts in the area. More wet weather is expected over the next few days.
  • Infrared scanning is being utilized to identify hotspots for crews to extinguish.
  • Crews continue to work hoselines in priority areas on both the east and west perimeters of the fire.

Red Lake 77 – 36,038 ha – not under control

  • Significantly reduced fire behaviour on the fire today due to recent rain and cooler temperatures. There has been approximately 45mm of rain on the fire over the past six days.
  • FireRangers continue to work from existing hoselines and action hotpots identified by infrared scanning.
  • Enough rain has fallen to start to reduce the drought conditions from an Extreme to a High rating in the Red Lake area. However, even with the rain, there are still many large areas of very deep burning on fires Red Lake 16 and Red Lake 77.

Updated boundaries for Restricted Fire Zone in Northwest Region

Effective 00:02 August 26

Due to the high to extreme forest fire hazard, the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry is maintaining a Restricted Fire Zone in Fort Frances District and southern portions of Kenora and Dryden Districts. The Restricted Fire Zone is in effect until further notice. Outdoor fires are banned. Portable gas stoves may still be used BUT must be handled with extreme care.

You can learn more about Restricted Fire Zones here.

For a more detailed boundary of the Restricted Fire Zone, consult the interactive fire map at or the map here.

Kenora District Implementation Order to be revoked 11:59 p.m., Aug. 26

The Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry, Kenora District, is advising the public that an Implementation Order restricting access to some areas in proximity to the Kenora 51 fire will be revoked effective 11:59 p.m. Aug. 26.

The revocation will ease restrictions on all travel, use and access to the following areas: the English River Road, north of the Conifer Road junction, and all travel on the Werner Lake Road from the Manitoba Border eastward to the end of the road; all use of lakes and waterways accessible from the North shore of Umfreville Lake, the north shore of the Sturgeon River and the north shore of Salvesen Lake.

Red Lake District Implementation Order to be revoked 00:02, Aug. 27 

The Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry, Red Lake District advises that an Implementation Order restricting access and use of certain lakes, Provincial Parks, Conservation Reserves and Crown lands near area forest fires will be revoked effective 00:02, Aug. 27.

The revocation will ease restrictions on modes of travel/access onto Storey Lake, Philip Lake, Pringle Lake (including Dedicated Protected Areas), and the North shore of Nungesser Lake as well as Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, Eagle Snowshoe Conservation Reserve, Little Grand Rapids Protected Area, Lake Country, Protected Area.


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