Insights from German Manager Vladislav Vodatinskij, how to increase your business and personal wealth 

Vladislav Vodatinskij
Vladislav Vodatinskij

Paul Clitheroe once said “Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth.

All people on this earth are playing the same game calls life. And it is in our hands, how we want to design this game.

The best example how you can design your own life is Vladislav Vodatinskij. A top manager from Germany, who has build from zero a consulting company, which is leading now the biggest projects in Europe in the railway industry. Entrepreneurship began with ENGINEC, a German consulting firm, under which he launched his business career. Consultative services for businesses are one of his areas of competence.

Providing the best business advise and showing people how to run a profitable business is his objective. As a result, Vladislav believes that each company must be established with a clear goal and purpose. Anyone who lacks motivation will never achieve anything. So that you are fully informed of the facts and the tactics, set short- and medium-term goals that you may work towards.

Invest in yourself 

We all want wealth, but how can we get it? How to get rich? Wealth begins with a successful career – after all, you need to collect the initial capital for investment. Your successful career depends on your knowledge, skills and professional connections. Invest in yourself – graduate from the best school and university, buy books, go to work where you can acquire the necessary skills (even if you have to work for a slightly lower salary). Pinpoint your talents and find a way to turn them into a money making machine, says Vodatinskij. Your name can became my personal brand. My name was always to complicated for everyone, says Vladislav, so I gave a branding to my name and now everyone knows the brand VODATIN.

A successful career will help you build up your initial investment capital and maybe give you great ideas for investing your capital. This way you can become a successful investor and know how to invest money correctly.

Be more disciplined than others

“We don’t need to be smarter than everyone else. We need to be more disciplined than others. ”- Warren Buffett

You don’t have to be a financier or economist, but you can and should learn this skills, says Vladislav. Take care of yourself, learn languages and travel! Positive emotions motivate for new achievements, which may bring additional dividends in the future. The main thing is, don’t stop! After all, whoever stands still, he goes back.

Success does not determine happiness, it is happiness that brings success. Reach your goals and strive for more, be persistent and don’t let yourself go, but never put the “be happy” item at the bottom of your great to-do list.

The key to success in the stock market is knowledge. Only they are able to provide the basis necessary for making independent investment decisions. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is best to invest in yourself and your own development. This is a mandatory item of any investment program, regardless of age, social status and financial situation of a person. Indeed, without knowledge, it is impossible to achieve success in any area today.

Invest in knowledge

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Investments in knowledge bring the greatest income and pay the best dividends. If a person lightens his wallet in favor of the mind, then no one can rob him. ” You can lose everything: money, home, job, clients, but knowledge will remain with you forever. Your skills and abilities are a kind of capital that is not subject to inflation, which means it will never depreciate, knows Vodatinskij.

However, knowledge must be constantly “pumped”. After all, a good investment today can turn bad in the future, and this is worth remembering. Read books, attend trainings and hone your skills. And then your knowledge will not lose its relevance, it will save you from ridiculous mistakes and will pay off handsomely.

Be in the right environment, the environment in which a person is plays an important role for the formation of personality. By surrounding yourself with successful and motivated people, you get one step closer to your goal.

And remember the most valuable asset you have is yourself. Anything that improves your talents and skills is worth doing.





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