How Customer Reviews Impact Growth in a Digital World, Kirk Cooper Explains


Within our digital world, words today have more power than they have ever had before. The undeniable mark left upon a brand’s reputation by a negative review is long-lasting. The common expression ‘the Internet is forever,’ which is usually uttered as a warning, has regrettably been proven to be true, time and again. Within this uncertain reality where words can dash a brand’s entire future, the impact that customer reviews have on a brand’s growth is considerable. As the founder of Ecom Automation Gurus, Kirk Cooper helps people learn how to fully automate and scale their eCommerce business. Within his work in eCommerce, Cooper has developed an innate sense of what it takes for a business to survive within the digital world.

According to Kirk Cooper, online reviews are one of the greatest factors that decide the growth of a brand, especially new and small businesses. Unverified and instant, customer reviews today have a larger impact on businesses in the Internet age than ever before. For this reason, Cooper believes that the greatest test of the relationship that a brand has established with its consumer is the independent public reviews that customers choose to leave. To preserve this relationship and leave your customers with a positive impression of your business, Cooper advises viewing the big picture of customer interaction. Expanding on this, he says, “When assisting customers, always consider the long-term effect of your actions. If you are simply out to make a sale, customers will sense this and there will be no room for you to build loyalty with them. When you consider the long-term needs of your customer and do what is in their best interest rather than in the interest of making a sale, you create space for a trustworthy relationship to grow.”

While working as a high school teacher in 2013, Cooper discovered the true power of Amazon as an income source and this prompted him to launch his own Amazon store. His success with the eCommerce business introduced him to the capability of automation. He then launched Ecom Automation Gurus, which helps eCommerce businesses learn how to scale their revenue through automation.

Words are powerful and Kirk Cooper urges businesses to remember the impact their customers’ opinions can have on their reputation.



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