7 Insightful Life Lessons from Eric Spofford’s Journey to Success


When life gives you lemons, you either complain about the exceeding sourness in life, or you learn how to make lemonade. The course of action you’ll choose depends on your perspective. For Eric Spofford, recovery from addiction and prison was once a bleak possibility. Yet, today, he is CEO of Spofford Enterprises, a company dealing with real estate, venture capital investments, and more. Eric Spofford managed to change his perspective, and that helped him travel to light from darkness. In this article, he shares seven powerful life lessons that helped him in this journey and can help you crush it as well.

Wake up early.

Eric Spofford is a believer in the adage: “The early bird gets the worm.” He says, “When you wake up early, you give yourself time to carefully plan through and schedule your rest of the day. And that gives you a massive edge!”

Take long walks.

Taking long walks is bygone leisure. However, Spofford believes otherwise. He says, “When you walk, you follow a rhythm. This personal rhythm can help you keep an eye on the rhythm of your mind.”

Develop ‘The Zone.’

‘The Zone’ is that special place inside your mind, where, according to Spofford, “one discovers a purposeful union with one’s work at all levels.” He says, “Being in the zone can help us stay sharp and focused in all areas of life.”

Honor commitment.

The wide variety of choices today have made commitment difficult. But Eric Spofford believes that it’s “worth the sacrifice it demands. It keeps your mind from wandering and keeps your eyes on the goal.”

Stay determined.

Determination is a critical life lesson for Spofford, who believes, “determination paves the road for success and makes hard work easy.”

Eat well, but don’t overeat.

For something you do every day, eating the right way is not often considered a life lesson in itself. For Eric Spofford, however, “our food keeps us alive. To have a healthy relationship with food is a better option than any healthy food option.”

Hone patience.

Patience is the key that can unlock many unyielding doors. For Spofford, it’s also “the key to a peaceful life or a life that is well-balanced between action and rest.”

Eric Spofford’s insightful life lessons are practical, and yet, deep in their analysis. Here’s wishing these pro tips help you crush your goals in life.


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