The Best Road Activities for 2021. What to do While Traveling?

Unique Features in Australian Online Pokies: Going Beyond Reels and Paylines

We proudly present an article covering the best road activities and things to do while traveling in Norway. You will note that our title has been repeated in our first sentence as we must make it clear that, if you’re the driver, you should do nothing but drive and try to enjoy the scenery.

Having got that off our chest, now’s a good time to introduce you to our co-author, Kristoffer Haagensen, who is also an expert in sports and betting odds – okay, so you can also listen to sports on the radio whilst driving.

We have it on good authority that Norwegians, like many people across the globe, like to gamble. Also, since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, online casinos have been sprouting like mushrooms and are optimized to run successfully on mobile platforms.

So, if you’re a passenger on a road trip, and not prone to motion-sickness (when not looking at the horizon), what’s a better way to pass the time than joining a reputable new mobile casino? On the other hand, if you’re looking for a good game online, online betting is an excellent website to visit on your mobile.

There, Kristoffer takes you on a separate journey into the latest Norwegian online casinos that includes information on the following and much more:

  • How to play at new Norwegian casinos
  • Best bonuses available
  • Top five casino bonuses
  • How we review new online casinos
  • More on bonuses
  • Frequently asked questions

What to take with you on your trip

Besides the usual luggage, you should be sure to take a mobile device that can handle, among other things, apps you can download, live streaming of sports events, live games that are streamed from proper studios, and live odds.

We have also included this site that includes some games that even the driver can join in on. Some of the games require you to pack a few side items if you decide to include any of the latter suggested road trip activities – Norway’s roads are long, after all.

A quick overview of a good casino 

Going back to Kristoffer’s article, in which he equips you with all you need to know about new online casinos. Below, we’ll briefly describe things we look for in online casinos before recommending an establishment.

  • Reliability, licensing, and security

While all pretty much self-explanatory, we only recommend casinos that are regulated via a valid third party. To learn more about the legalities for Norway, click here.

  • Quantity and quality of games

Good casinos should have a vast selection of games supplied by popular providers. Our site ranks casinos based thereon.

  • Bonuses and promotions offered

All good casinos should have an abundance of the above. Also, we make sure that the bonus terms are fair and attainable. 

  • Payment methods

We observe how many different ways of payment – keeping the needs of Norwegians in mind. 

  • Withdrawals

The withdrawal methods and processing times are also carefully checked out before a casino gets its nod.

  • Customer service

Last and certainly not least, a casino must offer good customer service via the following mediums:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • FAQ section


We trust that you have gained some skills from this article and that it has made you look more forward to your next road trip. Good luck and, most importantly, have fun.


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