Jason Rosander on Rewiring the Mindset to Achieve Greatness


Your mind holds a lot of power over you and, more often than not, changing your mindset toward something can make all the difference. According to Jason Rosander, a 360-degree change in your life starts from your mind. He believes it is possible to unlock the power of your mind without letting it hold you back.

Jason Rosander is a military veteran and former Federal Law enforcement officer. He then went on to become a corporate security manager and currently works in security contracting. In addition to his extensive career in security, Rosander has also written a book which is about to be published. He says he’s always had a knack for security, thanks to his attention to detail and ability to see things in advance. He not only enjoyed his work but also had a high output in life, whether its personally or professionally.

In his free time, Jason spends time outdoors, exploring, recording, and photographing various environments. He documents what it takes to move through these areas and explore their physical and mental aspects. According to Rosander, your mind can either hold you back or push you forward. It is all reliant on what you choose.

Rosander stresses the importance of consistency and possessing a ‘can-do’ attitude when facing any task or challenge. More often than not, things seem impossible because you’ve tricked yourself into believing it is impossible. Rosander, therefore, urges that you face everything in life with the belief that you can get through any obstacle; your mind then opens up to solutions and workarounds.

Having been in the field of security for a long time, Rosander has experienced many challenges. When he was deployed in Afghanistan, dealing with the homicide of his mother showed him just how much the mind can torture a person. The mind can conjure up so many scenarios; you need to have the willpower to separate the truth from the lies. Once you master this, there is nothing in life you cannot achieve.

Jason Rosander says that his life is on a path of self-awareness, and as he continues to work his way up, he hopes to help many other people realize the power that lies within them. Through his book and classes, he intends to show people how your mindset can push you forward and how it can also hold you back; people can thus choose where they want to focus their attention.

With his experience and the time he has spent studying the power of the mind, Rosander is helping people rewire their mindset to achieve greatness.



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