All for the Love for America! Exclusive Interview with Kagan Dunlap


It’s important to love your family and your significant other whoever they may be but having love for your country is vitally important as well.  Having pride and love for one’s country helps reinforce the foundations that its built on. That’s the case of Kagan Dunlap, an American military member from North Carolina, who has based his life on his love for The United States and being a better version of himself.

Kagan Dunlap enlisted in 2014 to join the Marine Corps for the first time. He served in 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines for over 5 years and deployed 3 separate times during his tour there. He was also selected for a prestigious program called the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program or MECEP for short, which allowed him to remain active duty while completing his bachelor’s degree.  Upon graduating he commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marines. He has many awards and achievements to his name in the military, which are strong indicators of his commitment and dedication to the United States and his love for this country.

It is worth mentioning here that Kagan has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science. He graduated in June this year. He points out that his love for health and fitness and his prevailing lifestyle helped him achieve amazing results as a Marine. Being in the United States Marines requires a lot of physical strength and conditioning. Hence, being a health and fitness professional for almost 15 years was a key reason he chose that profession and achieved great results as well.

Spending 2 hours per day and 5-6 days per week training is hard to maintain, but Kagan is extremely proud of this dedication. In fact, people often think that he is obsessed with it. That’s why Kagan Dunlap deserves to be among the Marine Officers, all for the love for America. He will continue his healthy lifestyle which has been really helpful for his job, as a United States Marine Officer.

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