Basketball Star Darious Clark Is Serious About Proving His Talent

Darious Clark
Darious Clark


The Washington-born Basketball star Darious Clark is thrilled with his recent performance at the Armenian National Championship—2021. Since childhood, his career goal was clear. He always wanted to represent himself as a basketball player.


“Basketball is my craft. I never mind spending countless hours with practice. My passion for the game actually started when I was just 11. When I entered Illinois State University and Slippery Rock University, my ambition got even bigger. I am really thankful to both the institutions for grooming my career and allowing me to represent the university teams during my college days.” Darious explained.


Darious Clark is also known as Dclark among his teammates and fans. His popularity has sky-rocketed, especially after his phenomenal performance at the 2021 Armenian Basketball Championship. He steered his team Vahakni City BC to a stunning victory with 23 points and seven rebounds.


Apart from playing a key role that helped his team win the championship title, Darious Clark also selected other emerging Basketball stars to TBT under his mentorship.


“Whenever I notice hungry Basketball players, I want to help them more. If you don’t nurture talents, it goes to waste. I always believe that talented athletes should at least get enough opportunities to showcase their talents and skills to the world. All-star Basketball players like James Harden, Damian Lillard, Joel Embiid, and others, all started with someone believing in them. Every athlete gradually improves their game skills and masters it over time.” Darious Clark stated.


Darious Clark is now working hard on his physique and skills as a combo guard. He’s all set to groom himself for the big moments of his life. Recently, he expressed his desire to represent his team at world-famous Basketball tournaments like NBA and EuroLeague. And that’s why he is bracing himself up for the big-big matches.


If Darious Clark continues to produce match-winning performances, he can get a ticket to the NBA or Euro League as a professional athlete within the next few years.


Darious Clark was born in Washington, DC. Ever since his childhood, he has enjoyed playing basketball with his friends. As he grew up, his love for the game became stronger than ever. And today, Darious Clark has become one of the most popular Basketball players to play on Armenian Soil.


Darious Clark has completed his formal education from Illinois State and Slippery Rock University. These institutions laid the foundation for Darious’ journey ahead. He won many honours as a Basketball player for his teams like All-Star Game MVP, Finals MVP, and many more. He also got the opportunity to represent his squad in several club matches and University events held across the United States and other places.


In the Armenian Championship 2021 final, Dclark’s sublime performance steered his team, Vahakni City, to a stunning win. After the match, Darious became the talk of the town. His fans and followers started calling him MVP (Most Valuable Player) and it contributed even more to his rising popularity.


As a perfect team man, you will see Darious Clark groom and help his young teammates with useful advice and tips in his spare time.  


According to Darious Clark, his performance at the Armenian League Championship is just the beginning. He is confident that he will soon represent his team at national and international Basketball tournaments as well.


At present, Darious Clark is enjoying life, and working hard for whatever lies ahead.



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