Julia Brickman On How To Leverage Technology To Create Practical Solutions To Real-World Problems


Technology has snowballed over the last few years. Decades ago, nobody would have imagined instantly communicating with someone on the other side of the world. However, technology is a complex industry, and few people have a deeper understanding of this field than Julia Brickman.

Technology is a powerful tool that can change billions of people’s lives. However, we rarely experience real problems like famine, starvation, and lack of education in the Western world. This is where Brickman advises us to look for practical solutions using technology.  Brickman founded Skipper in 2014 and aims to create flexible solutions that support, educate, and connect people with different educational and lifestyle needs. Her company is based on the idea that people learn best when they own their learning material. Brickman used technology perfectly to solve a real-world problem: helping children that have different learning needs.

Julia Brickman started her entrepreneurial journey in 1999 when she founded Polka Dot Design, a premiere party invitation and stationary internet company. Her goal was to make a living working from home and looking after her baby, but it grew quicker than expected. In 2010, she sold her company for seven figures and briefly retired with her family. While traveling through Africa, she dreamed of a life where her son could learn not in a classroom but through real-life experience. So, as a former teacher, she became an accidental homeschooler, and soon after, she founded her Ed-Tech startup, Skipper. The rest is history as she now helps countless parents and children around the world.

Given her deep understanding of technology and learning, her advice is worth considering.

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