Get ready for disruption in the fragrances industry: Kazi Abidur Rahman building a power business to sell the best fragrances

Kazi Abidur Rahman
Kazi Abidur Rahman

The fragrance industry’s core strengths are creativity and the art of perfumery. Consumers seeking exclusivity and identity-based products have shifted away from designer-level fragrances and toward more niche or creative fragrances in the previous decade. To address this colloquial shift, Kazi, through innovation, digitalization, sustainability, and renewability is reimagining emotional experiences for his customers and consumers. 

Who is Kazi Rahman? He is the co-founder of Sunnamusk, a leading retail company known for its vast range of fragrance products. The heart of Kazi’s well-known firm, Sunnamusk, is fragrance design. Sunnamusk is a London-based firm known for its diverse product line, which includes Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, scented candles, and perfume oil diffusers. Within a decade, this company has become one of the most well-known in the United Kingdom. All because of Kazi’s leadership and zest to take the brand to newer heights. 

Despite the increased popularity of niche and independent brands among consumers, businesses confront particular obstacles specific to fragrance, such as buyers adequately appraising smells online. Kazi apart from its 12 retail locations, also initiated the availability of the company’s products on a variety of online purchasing sites, including Amazon. Sunnamusk, as a global manufacturer and marketer, is best recognized for its premium fragrances with an Arabian theme.

This Bangladeshi-British entrepreneur is fixated on the future beyond the barrier. He wants to achieve the pinnacle and establish a name for himself and his brand, which has been his legacy. Kazi Rahman exemplifies what it means to be an entrepreneur. Kazi is your man when it comes to operations, sales, marketing, and public relations, and human resources. His desire to make the impossible a reality, which is fueled by his exceptional work ethic, is what makes him such a multi-functional, results-oriented individual. And by extension, makes Sunnamusk a brand on the rise. 

As the global fragrance market expands, which is expected to exceed $52 billion by 2025, we can expect Kazi Rahman to lead the charge with his newer, innovative, and exclusive products.


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