Zachary Laoutides Shares His Insights on Unleashing Your Inner Champion

Zachary Laoutides
Zachary Laoutides

Zachary Laoutides, a Latin-American filmmaker and a screenwriter from Chicago, Illinois, co-founded the film studio ‘Ave Fenix’ with Mexican actress and producer Monica Esmeralda Leon in 2014. The two together aimed to revolutionize the art of visual storytelling.

Ave Fenix is the first Hispanic and Latina-owned film studio in all of Chicago and the Midwest. Zachary Laoutides and his crew wanted to make sure that Ave Fenix Studios became a prominent award-winning independent motion picture studio with films premiering all over the world. Through hard work, creativity, and grit, Zachary and his team have achieved that dream in a very short time. Zachary adopted a filmmaking style known as ‘La Raza,’ which showcases and portrays the unique stories of a certain section of society.

Over the years, Zachary Laoutides not only made a name for himself as a filmmaker, but he also dove into the world of acting and writing, earning himself a plethora of nominations and awards at various international film festivals. In an interview with DC Life Magazine, Laoutides shared his secret to success. “I try to turn my worst days and my toughest moments into my strengths,” said Zachary, adding that he uses any adversity to his advantage. He further maintained that it is his inner driving force, which helps him move forward as a filmmaker.

Zachary Laoutides comes from a family of athletes. His father was a footballer, and his grandfather a boxer. As such, he views the world as a strategic game of sports, where the most persistent and devoted players come out on top. Laoutides recently announced the premiere of his upcoming film ”Where Sweet Dreams Die.” Through this film, he is taking on the challenge of exploring the American Dream and the current state of post-Trump America. According to the director, the film is a cross between “Taxi Driver” and “American History X.” He firmly believes that his unique heritage will profoundly engage the audience. Zachary further claims that the film is highly relevant to the times we are living in

Zachary Laoutides is the kind of director who buries himself under books and his laptop for research before deciding to bring his plan to fruition. Like most of his work, when it comes to “Where Sweet Dreams Die,” we can expect the audience to be thoroughly awed and entertained.

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