Silisti Karuriya: A self made well renowned and award winning author


Silisti Karuriya, a well-known name in the current era of literature has brought a best of her in order to serve her readers. Since from her childhood, Silisti has been praised for her skills. While studying in higher standard, Silisti developed an interest in writing, which as per her is the best way to express her emotions and feel connected to the people. Silisti, has been a mind-blowing student and has been fond of books since from her childhood.

As per Silisti, as author is a combination of feelings and emotions. She holds an opinion that an author who feels connected with the people and their pains spills it well in the form of words. Which is why, most of her readers like and praise her work.

Below mentioned points will help you to know more about the author, Silisti Karuriya.

Success isn’t achieved within a blink, you need to burn midnight oil!

An author with a mind-set that hard work can take you to the height of fame and success. Silisti Karuriya never believed that things will always happen according to your will, but you have to curate your own success.

Her Mantra for success is the pillar of hard work that wills and together pushing you to the top of everything. According to her, hard work is challenging as it challenges your ability to handle things and desire to be successful.

The moment you decide to get over these challenges that day you will become a successful human. Success never comes as a gift to anyone, but you have to pay for success through hard work and patience.

You need two things in your life to pave your way towards a bright future. These are willing to achieve something and desire to fight challenges.

To chase your dream, you need to cross every hurdle!

There are many people scared of dreaming big, as they find many constraints could stop them from reaching the line of success. The way to become an award-winning author was not so easy, as Silisti went through many constraints as well.

The only thing that saved her from failure is the courage to overcome obstacles in a beautiful manner as if you are embracing these. She believes that it’s not always possible to have all situations favouring your work life, sometimes you have to go beyond and make your own boundaries.

Sometimes, you have to become a warrior with an unflinching attitude who never looks down and keep moving ahead. Many women are afraid of what society will say and keep thinking about people that really don’t pay the bills. You have to think of serving people and contributing to humanity, that’s how you will become a real citizen.

Becoming an author gave Silisti Karuriya a way to serve society and to become a human with a vision beyond the boundaries and above the restrictions. A vision with equality and freedom of every obstacle coming in the way of yours and weighing your down.

For Silisti Karuriya dream is a powerful weapon that can’t be snatched or destroyed if you won’t allow it. A person with dreams and hard work can’t be stopped. It’s the power of the dream that keeps pushing you forward to your destiny.

Challenges let you going, don’t lose your heart!

She is a Ph.D. (research) scholar and a great author with amazing skills with an intention to bring positivity. She brought a new vision for crisis happening in society for a girl’s dream of becoming successful. Her work came through an outstanding masterpiece name “Chamde Ka Lutera”.

She is always known for highlighting the fact that equality of everyone’s rights and women also comes under everyone. She is also a great short story writer with meaningful concepts highlighting many realities that are still unknown to people. She believes in support and not in being dependant.

She believes that no doubt, you need support to grow but you shouldn’t depend on anyone. She believes that in the end, it’s you dealing with your own victories and catastrophes. Depending on someone would take away your willingness to work alone. This is how an independent woman should be, with no expectation and desire to walk miles alone to reach the point of success.

Seek happiness helping people that will surely bring you inner peace!

Silisti Karuriya is a human with beautiful and pure desires to serve the nation. She finds writing an astounding way to bring good thoughts to society. She believed in the fact that you can educate people to make them better humans through your words or thoughts. Happiness is a word with many meanings, for her, it is humanity and serving people.

She finds her happiness in writing books and short stories to make people aware of what it means to be a man with humanity. Her interest in the science and research field is still continuing as her interest alongside her writing career. She thinks multitasking is quite interesting if you have many interests in different fields.

For Silisti, its her family and friends whom she considers her backbone!

There is a time you feel like giving up and not believing in dreams anymore. At that point in life, you are standing at a juncture where you feel like life has not blessings for you. There you need the support of people that says, you can do it and you will do it. People that keep hooting for your success and dedication, no matter what.

In the life of Silisti Karuriya, the constant supporting role is still played by her parents and some friends. Her parents kept on motivating her to do what makes her happy no matter how tough it is. Constant Trying would be the only solution for achieving something not that easy. In every human life, there are few friends that understand your capacity before you get to know it.

They keep on motivating you like guardian angels for a better future of yours. Silisti Karuriya is still lauding the constant support and beliefs of her friends that played a huge role in bringing her to her dream place.

The epitome of simplicity, and modesty, Silisti Karuriya is inspiring to every woman out there thinking not everything is possible or meant for a woman. A woman can do anything as they are the real images of sacrifice and hard work. Silisti Karuriya is the real definition of bliss, strength, and success for many folks trying to do better than before.

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