10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ankur Ojha


The meteoric rise of singer – Songwriter Ankur Ojha from YouTube to Instagram has wowed the pop music fans.

Yet outside of a certain demographic regions — the young Indian Star remains something of a mystery to fill in some of the blanks.

10 things you still may not know about Ankur Ojha, read on:-

1. Ankur Ojha is a Solar Engineer By Profession.

Yes you heard it right! Ankur Ojha has a fascination with Solar Energy from a really young age he considered thought of changing the world however he didn’t know how but it happened when he passed out of faculty he got to understand deeply about sustainable energy and located out his true passion in solar- Engineering, as a result of he believes solar energy could be a great point to change people’s lives and generation through sustainable energy during this field he came to know that you’ll earn cash and alongside you’ll have a pride feeling that you simply changing people’s lives and creating a larger impact for human lives.

Currently he’s a Solar Energy Power Plant Designer.

2. Ankur Ojha Always Wanted to Become A Cricketer Since Childhood.

Ankur cherished sports as growing up he used to play cricket and was an addict of Sachin Tendulkar ( a good athlete in Republic of India ) a person cherished by everybody from the young to the previous generation.

When he was growing up each kid in each society wanted to become an athlete like him one day in the future however his dreams was ne’er able to get into that point his father stone-broke down his bat to concentrate on study he invariably needed to make him an engineer so he pursue engineering as an education and did music in the university days and currently that things make him a vital person in music industry.

3. Ankur Ojha Once Got Into a Severe Accident.

When Ankur was in college one thing he never ever imagined happened in his life. He came out of the class after giving his finals he wished to travel to different town to record some songs however the studio was isolated from the college so he need to require some vehicle so he get into an auto ( a sort of taxi in India) everything was nice he was happy excited chilled out enjoying the ride but once he blinked his eye in a very short matter of time his automotive vehicle fall down and met with an accident he fall down too with the individuals sitting in the vehicle everybody was indulge in blood ambulance came in take him into a near hospital and the opposite lady was shouting where’s your ear he found out that his ears were counteracted he was aghast he thought that his whole life has stopped for a minute however he attempt to manage himself as a result of he never wished to form his parents feel dangerous he said I’m okay then in some months he managed to induce into his foot once more.

4. Ankur has over 50 unreleased Compositions.

Yes we are also in shock with this, Ankur has emerged as a growing artist in few years but one things surprisingly people doesn’t know about him that he is a great songwriter he penned over 100 written songs even he forgot the counting haha he has currently over 50 unreleased songs that he wants to release one by one soon for his fans.

5. Ankur loves Adele.

Ankur has lovely songs however little or no folks recognize that ojha loved adele’s music he’s impressed by the songs she makes fans have seen her gaga over her on social media many times whenever he feel low in life adele song provide him a hope to measure and make higher song day by day.

6. Ankur Has No Godfather In The Industry.

Ankur Ojha is from Varanasi, the town says it all where the music & culture begins from. He made his own mark in his own space from there he was from a noble medium class family who always believes in making things happen by doing hardworking not to sit on hope. He had no music background and godfather in the industry he paved the way to here by himself.

7. Ankur Ojha Taught Himself Guitar By Watching Atif Aslam’s Concert Videos.

He taught himself guitar instrument by watching his childhood idol singer Atif Aslam. He used to watch his concert videos and other guitar learning videos on YouTube. Where everybody says you cannot learn something and everything by himself.

8. Ankur Ojha Has Won Several Music Competitions in His University.

One day he found out that his college was running a music competition he went there without any hope of winning a price the place had so many amazing talents he was young and tensed about what will goanna happen he went there and sang his favorite songs and guess what he won 1st price and gold medal in music in whole university that what’s happen when you believes in yourself and your music.

9. Ankur Ojha has a Own Band Called “The Human Production”.

Ankur Ojha has a own band “ The Human production” since from the start days of his faculty however sadly once passing out from the university the band got separated however not the spirit within him for music. Now you’ll be able to see that he’s still offered in music scene with a large variety of fans.

10. Ankur Ojha’s Grandmother was his 1st fan.

Ankur ojha continually has love for music from his childhood however his parents never supported him however there was only person in his life continually appreciate his music and him was his Dadi Maa his granny used to take his guitar instrument and play in a very funny way to make him feel that he’s not alone she always scold his father and say let him play he has a very beautiful voice and sense of music.

Sadly his dadi isn’t any longer in this world with him but her last words for ankur are still haunt him in his ears “Hamara pota khoob aage bdega agar aisa hi karte rha kucchu bhi hojawe ankur rukna ka nhi” ( “ This words will always haunt in ankur’s ears for life whenever he needs a music suppoter in life”).

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