Social Activist Ladulal Pitliya On Helping Others & Causes He Cares About


“Activism is a very admirable way to create change, but it has to go hand in hand with personal contact with the people with whom we have opposing points of view; without that, there will never be any movement,” said Michael Feinstein once. Social activism has always been prominent and managed to bring a good change the society. No matter which era we are in, there will always be individuals caring about society. One such person who has dedicated his life to the well-being of society is Ladulal Pitliya.

Ladulal Pitliya hails from Rajasthan and has lives a normal middle-class life. His parents always taught him the importance of helping others in every possible way. That is exactly what Pitliya has done for years. He is very politically and socially aware of everything that’s happening in the state.

From helping the underprivileged with food and clothing to providing educational and medical rights to those who can’t afford it, social activist Ladulal Pitliya is involved in many such social works. He also cares about the environment and often creates awareness about cleanliness, growing more trees and avoiding wastage of natural resources.

About working selflessly for the benefit of others, Ladulal Pitliya says, “I’m blessed with enough and the least I could do is help others and spread smiles. If we have to make an equal society for everyone, it is important that no one sleeps hungry. The smiles of these people matters to me the most and it gives me assurance that I’m doing something right. I will keep helping people till I’m here. I hope today’s youth also realises the same and steps out and care about some important causes.”

During the time of the pandemic, Ladulal Pitliya is working continuously. Pitliya and his team make people aware about the virus, importance of social distancing and distribute masks and sanitisers.

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