Real Guest Blogging Offers 4 Tips to Build Links at Scale


Online entrepreneurs spend thousands to drive organic traffic to their websites. But do you know that scaling some of your link-building efforts can result in organic traffic gains in the long run, even if you are operating in a competitive space? Scaling your link-building efforts is one of the biggest challenges you will face, especially if you are competing against big brands that can shell out an enormous amount of money to generate new links regularly.

If you want to compete with those big names and grow your organic traffic over time, you should keep the following tips in mind:

1. Develop reusable content assets

According to Real Guest Blogging, an SEO agency known for its unique link-building strategies, they focus on creating content that their clients can reuse later. It’s not about right here, right now. The content experts ensure that they develop content that offers efficiency gains without compromising on quality. They don’t worry about quantity. Instead, they concentrate on quality.

For example, on one of the websites, they made a reusable design and development code. This allowed them to use new datasets in the same format. It helped them save a lot of time that they invested in developing multiple content pieces.

2. Create content that you can update regularly

Another trick you can leverage is not creating content that the audience forgets quickly. Instead, make it your goal to develop link-worthy content that creates opportunities to drive more traffic to the website. The advantage of this method is you can start implementing this strategy at the early stages of content production.

One of the easiest ways to keep your content fresh is to update it with new data. Suppose you are talking about the number of accidents in your city in 2020. Once 2021 ends, you can update the page with the statistics for this year.

3. Develop content that targets research-led keywords

Most people develop content that has a high chance of getting links, but the content ranks for only a specific set of keywords. Why not increase your chances of ranking for more keywords by creating content that covers a more diverse topic? For example, a piece of content in the coffee industry that provides the latest statistics about caffeine and coffee has tons of coffee-related keywords. This content shows up for multiple keywords, giving it more exposure to a laser-targeted audience. Ultimately, it’s in a better position to acquire more links naturally over time.

4. Build relationships with reliable sources from the same industry

It’s always a good idea to build relationships with important sources in your industry. This will enable them to at least check out your website once. You don’t need to develop a piece of content full of infographics or statistics. Even the simplest content with a few quotes can do the trick. The idea is to have a positive reputation. That can go a long way to building links without compromising quality.

As you can see, a few tricks can make a big difference to your website. Try implementing these strategies and see your number of links scale naturally without worrying about the quality.

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