Jesus Is Alive: The Community Token That Changes People’s Lives


JIA or Jesus Is Alive is a community-driven token that will soon go live. But why are experts calling it a life-changing token? That’s because this token wants to impart real-life skills to thousands of less fortunate people in the world so that they can make a living and lead a decent life in the future. Apart from helping people change lives, this token also keeps the investors’ interests in mind.

It allows investors to buy or sell their JIA tokens using the Binance Smart Chain. BNB is one of the safest platforms that allow investors to buy and sell their tokens easily. You don’t have to be a tech expert in using the BNB platform. Just buy your token using your online wallet and wait for your opportunity to stake or sell them at a suitable time.

Things to know about JIA

JIA developers believe this token isn’t like any other cryptocurrency. The founders said, “We not only want to highlight the profitability of this token; we also want people to know that they are investing in something that can bring a smile to the faces of thousands of underprivileged people in this world. Our team wanted to explore the idea of how Jesus helped so many people by changing their lives. We don’t consider ourselves anywhere close to Jesus. But helping others only requires will and confidence. We are confident that investors will help us build a community that would further teach real-life skills to those who want to become entrepreneurs or freelancers in the future.

Our team believes that once you start staking JIA tokens, you would want to continue staking them for a long period. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to earn a second token known as “Holy.” This is an advantage for those who want to visit the Holy Pool. Therefore, JIA is a combination of fun, faith, and profit that should work well for veteran investors.”

How to use JIA tokens

JIA tokens will soon go live. Investors are eagerly waiting for the tokens to go live because there are enough opportunities to make money by investing in JIA. This token comes with an automated liquidity pool that strengthens without requiring additional help. The liquidity pool ensures that investors can expect to receive a stable percentage of return every year. It’s up to the investors whether they want to continue holding the tokens or sell or stake them when the time is right.

If you are planning to invest in this token, here are a few steps you should keep in mind:

  • Use a third-party wallet like MetaMask to buy your JIA tokens. The JIA tokens will remain in your wallet unless you want to stake or sell them.

  • You can also swap your tokens if you want. For that, you need to go to pancake This is a reliable decentralized exchange that allows investors to swap tokens easily. NFT holders can use or rarible to swap their NFTs.

Now that you know how to use JIA tokens, start investing once the tokens go live and reap the rewards in the future.

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