Anonymous BSC On Scammers And How It Is Dealing With Them


Anonymous BSC is holding its promise and revealing scammers on Twitter. It recently called out Whitebit, a cryptocurrency exchange, for practicing wash trading. Wash trading is an illegal practice wherein an investor buys and sells the same stock to mislead investors. Anonymous BSC released a series of tweets on Twitter wherein they highlight the wrongdoings of Whitebit.

The Anon Twitter community is getting stronger day by day. At the time of writing this article, it boasts of 15K+ followers. Anonymous BSC is also gaining trust among its members on telegram and now has a community of 4K+ members. It is gaining momentum in the crypto world and hence dealing with a lot of impersonators. A lot of entities are coming up with similar coin names and company names to cash in on the success of Anonymous BSC. The company often calls out such impersonators on Twitter.

Influx Of Scammers

With the pandemic, there has been a surge in the popularity of cryptocurrency. For instance, before the pandemic, a single Bitcoin was valued at $7,300, and now one Bitcoin trades at $40,090. Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk have also played a critical role in popularising it.

Although with the rise of cryptocurrency, there has also been a rise in scammers. Over the past six months, Elon musk impersonators have scammed people of a whopping $2 million. Fake websites and applications are being created to steal the personal details of investors. Scammers are imitating email formats of legit cryptocurrency to entice investors into providing their account ids and passwords. Investors on average lost $1900 to scammers in the past six months. Romance scams are also rampant in the market. As per the FTC, a cryptocurrency exchange, 20% of crypto holders were scammed using romance scams. In Romance scams, scammers lure investors through romantic messages and persuade them to buy crypto coins.

Proof Through Action

The company believes in “Proof through action”. It motivates crypto users to report illicit activities and runs a thorough check on these reports. After examining the accuracy of the complaints, it attempts to make the scammer’s details public. The company intends to create a safe space for cryptocurrency users. In the past, they have also exposed scammers posing as a patient and asking for donations. Recently they even highlighted an Ethereum wallet holder scamming the BSC network. They reported the user via mail to the FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange for traders.

As cryptocurrency is a booming financial currency, these scammers are unavoidable. However, companies like Anonymous BSC play a crucial role in cleaning the market. Anonymous BSC has made it a mission to out such scamsters, the ones who are fooling investors and looting them of their hard-earned money. It aims to create a database of fraudsters and scammers to help investors. It has also launched Anon coin, one of its own kind coin conceived with Anti dump and Anti pump mechanics. They are bringing in a change in the cryptocurrency world.

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