Simone Etere, Heart-Throb Of Instagram with Over 1.4 million Followers

Simone Etere
Simone Etere

Simone is a personal trainer for Calisthenics, He has practiced sports since he was a child, he loves discovering new places and bringing his passion into his worldwide collaborations. Thanks to his talent and experience, the Athlete has managed to create movements considered impossible up to now, one of these is the extreme grip in the neck, with only the strength of the neck/nape remaining hanging from the bar, as well as a symbol of its uniqueness, and now a source of inspiration for many around the world.

The influencer Simone Etere who, among other things, receives many requests for collaborations with world-famous brands. He is 1.83 tall, weighs 79kg, green eyes and brown hair, his appearance also sets him apart. He has a large tattoo that covers his entire back, especially a cross, which represents what he believes in.
He teaches in various gyms in Umbria and has also made his website available, even those who are far away can follow him online in uniques workouts.

He is an Instagram celebrity, an international model who has represented famous brands such as Puma, Gillette, and Lanistar. With over a million followers, Simone knows the power of his appeal and uses it judiciously.

Due to his talent, Simone has collaborated with individuals and groups from all over the world, from the Canary Islands to Sweden and then Italy. 

Simone has a lot of news to say and to show, so if you want to stay updated on his social work, you just have to follow him on instagram @s17ne

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