Scalp Trading in Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Investing

There are different forms of trading that you can engage in in the crypto world so as to make some money. Scalp trading is one of the strategies which will help you make profits with your coins. Crypto markets are known to be highly volatile, which is one of the risks that some investors try to avoid. However, with the right strategies, this can be a great way for you to make some money. Scalping allows you to build up small profits over time as the price of cryptocurrencies keeps changing.

If you are looking for a way to make small profits from crypto trading, then scalping would be the ideal strategy. This method allows traders to place several trades over a short period of time. Ideally, you should be able to combine small price gains and end up with a good profit. The key to scalping is that you will need to make your decisions fast as it is meant to be short-term.  When scalping, traders pay attention to any new coin that has a high volume and seems to have good liquidity.

The main difference with this crypto trading strategy is that the traders bank on short-term market changes, which will increase the prices and interest in the digital assets. It is worth mentioning that scalp trading is not for everyone and you would need to be sure if it is the way to go for you.

How to Make Profits through Scalping

Just like any other concept, it is imperative to understand how scalping works before getting into it. One of the main pillars of scalp trading is technical analysis, commonly known as TA. This is data that allows crypto traders to predict short-term market behavior. TA works based on previous volumes, price movements, and other metrics. In some platforms, technical analysis is known as charting. If you want to be a scalper, you will need to act very fast. Remember that this strategy banks on short-term events.

In a nutshell, technical analysis, speed, and consistency are the 3 key elements that determine the success of scalpers. If you want to use this form of trade, you will need to pick two pairs of coins that seem to show high volatility and hope to gain from the small price changes. Scalping is considered to be a good starting point for those who are not looking for long-term investments. At Bitcoin Circuit, you can be able to trade safely and effectively so as to maximize your profits.

Crypto Scalping Techniques

There are different strategies that scalpers can use in the cryptocurrency world. Some of the main ones include:

  • Range Trading: Scalpers wait for a certain price range for the trade to be completed. There is a Stop-Limit trade order, which will have the trade executed when the price of a coin gets to a specified future price.
  • Bid-ask spread: In this case, the traders will benefit from the price differences between the highest bid and lowest ask.
  • Leverage: This is a method used by traders who would wish to boost their position size. As such, they will magnify their margins.

Scalp Trading vs. Day Trading

Some traders tend to confuse day trading and scalp trading. These are similar in some cases but the main difference is the time frame. Most traders prefer scalp trading over day trading due to the fact that you can make profits within seconds. Scalping relies on the price action measured in minutes and seconds.


With this new information about scalp trading, you will need to sharpen your technical analysis reading abilities and work on your speed to succeed. Consistency is paramount in this type of crypto trading. Explore different trading strategies so as to establish the best option for you.

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