Trade Milestone Archived By Livestockchart


Early today, Livestockchart announced that the company has reached several key milestones that were originally set for the year 2021.  We are just halfway to the end of the year and Livestockchart has already reached the milestone of digital assets trade record of $377,084,000, with over 25% of this figure achieved in the current month.  With this, Livestockchart has surpassed its previous year’s record of $ $251,380,000. This achievement shows that the company is moving to greater heights and breaking records on the way.

Livestockchart also received a congratulatory letter from the Bureau of Trade Control (China) for creating a new trade record in what has been a turbulent and volatile year and particularly a tough month. “You have gradually and graciously soared higher through these turbulent times to achieve this milestone. You have proven yourself again to your competitors in the crypto-market as the most iconic.”

The Bureau of Trade Control (China)

The Bureau of Trade Control (China) is responsible for controlling and administering the Export and Import Permits Acts in China and was first enacted in the year 1947. Generally, they control and administer regulations in the Forex, Stock, and other markets including export and import of goods. The minister for International Trade who had a lot of congratulatory messages for Livestockchart’s achievement is responsible for providing policy directions in most areas involving market access.

Last Year Vs This Year’s Milestone

In 2020, the world including the forex market went through what would be called a turbulent year. Many companies both private and public organizations recorded major losses and a significant drop in revenue and most companies crumbled due to the impact. Despite that, livestockchart achieved a significant record of $ $251,380,000 which was regarded as a huge success, and got the Bureau of Trade Control (China). This year has turned out even better given that the world and the crypto market are still recovering. Livestockchart reached its milestone for the entire year of 2021 in just the first half of the year creating a new digital assets trade record of $377,084,000. This is 30% more than what was achieved last year.

New Innovation of Livestockchart

Livestockchart is ensuring that it remains the best in the industry with innovations being introduced to help the company serve its users better, the year could not have gotten any better. The company has made notable additions in technology that would see their old and new users get the best trading experience. Some of the notable innovations include:

Mobile App Introduction

In May 2021, Livestockchart announced the invention of a feature-rich and intuitive mobile app that would allow traders to seamlessly access financial markets whilst on the go. it comes with great features, a friendly interface, sophisticated in-app trading features that provides access to over 60 currency pairs and over 50 of the world’s largest stocks, including Google and Amazon.

Creation Of LSC Tokens

In the same month of May 2021, Livestockchart introduced the LSC Token which would be the governance token for the whole livestockchart used for different activities within and beyond our platform.


What Livestockchart Offers You

The driving force and the core objective of Livestockchart are to provide users with the best trading conditions with innovative platforms to make a profit. At LSC we ensure guaranteed security for your investment and we are fully authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We connect you to the widest range of markets through industry-leading platforms and our proprietary cutting-edge platforms.  

Great Customer Support

One of the distinguishing and standout features of Livestockchart in the forex industry is our ability to recognize client needs and help provide support to their different problems. With our unique support team, customers are guaranteed speedy and accurate responses to their problems and rising issues.

Because we are an international company representing an international forex market, our customer support team has also been equipped to support our users worldwide and in the language they understand. The fact that we can communicate to clients in the language they feel comfortable speaking, makes problem-solving easier and your issues will be treated efficiently and quickly as well.

The Future is brighter for LivestockChart

We are entering the second half of the year and the future looks very bright for Livestockchart and there is a great possibility that we would surpass the achievements of the first half of this year. We are regarding the fact that the first half of this year was a recovery stage of a turbulent 2020. The second half however looks very promising and we are very optimistic we will set new records and surpass our previous achievements.




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