How Zale Media Transformed Over 1,000 Real Estate Agent Lives

    Zale media

    Real Estate powerhouse Zale Media was Founded on the dream of revolutionizing the real estate industry for agents. Cliche? Yes, but for more than a profit. Of course the more impact you have the more financially better off you’ll be. And that’s most certainly a large part of it, but typically, creating an impact requires a deep motive. At least, that’s the case for most of those that reach the height of Zale Media. We’re not talking about a small company here, Zale Media has over 1,100 active users, all of which spend their desired amount of ad spend with Zale on a monthly basis. As you might expect, that takes an immense amount of time and resilience to build. You likely know this yourself as an agent, considering the time it takes to call leads, or even get leads in the first place. It’s not a party. So what was this motive for Zale?


    Let’s go back. Nathan Zale, the present president of Zale Media, who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Nathan was near to being dead in the water as a real estate agent in Chicago, fishing in what seems to be a market with a precious few leads. Now, when you have no leads, you have no money and when you have no money, it takes its toll physically and mentally. This creates a feeling one never forgets, and this breeds a strong what? Motive. Motive to get out of the rut. Motive to get on your feet. Some have this motive, but either throw in the towel, wither and take themselves out of the game. Nathan doesn’t appear to be the character that would toss in the towel, and whether he had a bit of luck on his side could be anyone’s guess. But he did get out his rut. His saving grace came in the form of switching from real estate to real estate marketing. He developed a system coined “Celebrity Agent System” which was built to generate leads for real estate agents.


    It might have been a blend of profit hunting and a drive to avoid that bitter taste of a dry pool of leads, but he never wanted to be back in that rut. And he was keen on knowing how agents would react to his system, the results they would see, the impact he could have and the size of an industry he could revolutionize, and of course, the profits he could generate. But as Carl Jung said, “You’re what you do, not what you say you’ll do”.


    Nathan would have the system further developed, and he took it to market, putting in his sweat equity to have it reach the masses. He stands now in 2021 with 1,100 active users, endless amounts of positive testimonials singing praises of their ROI, and a growing customer base that’s expanding up to 200 clients per month.


    Speaking with Nathan, we asked how he feels about where his companies are at and for some advice on how agents or other business owners can make a profitable impact:


    “We are all very pleased at the success Zale Media has had. Everyday we recognize how fortunate we are to be a part of such a great company with an amazing team and culture. Some advice I would give to agents would be to invest in themselves. Always looking to grow and constantly striving to achieve success. In any business marketing is important. It gives every agent and business owner a way to tell their story and grab the attention of their ideal clients and customers.” – Nathan Zale.

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