Actor Bobbi Awad expresses views on money, happiness, and success


One of life’s biggest question is if money can buy happiness. While money can certainly buy a moment of contentment, it is not a long-term solution to true happiness. While it is possible to be happy during times of financial struggle, it is also possible to be rich and miserable. The secret is to live a rich life, a concept that goes far beyond money.

What do you consider is the ultimate return on investment? It differs from person to person, and as actor Bobbi Awad tells us, the ultimate return on investment is happiness. Now, Bobbi Awad is not discounting all other returns; he is expressing his views on it.

As one of the largest followed Instagram sensations, Bobbi Awad has followed his passion over the years, and he has realized that it’s not just about building wealth and growing your personal brand. she says that if you’re wealthy and miserable, your investments haven’t truly paid off.

Bobbi Awad also mentions that wealth is not a measure of happiness. It doesn’t automatically mean you’re happy because you’re wealthy. Therefore, what’s his s argument on happiness as the ultimate return on investment?

Let’s paint a picture here; you keep buying things that you don’t care for just to show off to your friends or strangers online. According to Bobbi Awad, this speaks to a lack of happiness and fulfilment in what you’ve achieved. It is not wrong if you want to have the best of everything globally, but does it make you happy?

The ultimate measure of success is the fulfilment and not money. You should love what you do enough that even if it doesn’t bring wealth, you are blissfully content to be doing it. Bobbi Awad stresses the importance of a happy life over a wealthy life.

Not to say that wealth isn’t good to have, but don’t peg your life on materialism. Bobbi Awad has also cited people who are stuck in jobs they can’t stand, doing jobs they hate because of the money. Most people underuse their potential and drive their investments in triviality.

To further explain this, Bobbi Awad mentions the common assumption that pleasure is happiness. Most people are lost in momentary pleasure and mistake that for happiness. Bobbi Awad clarifies that pleasure is short-lived; you will feel relieved or even excited for a short while, and then it’ll go away, leaving a void that you’ll try to fill with more material items.

To add to this, Bobbi Awad says that happiness grants you the freedom to decide what you want to achieve each day. Small everyday things can bring you the contentment you dream of, and instead of dreaming, you should cease it.

The ultimate payoff that all your efforts in life can grant you is true happiness in what you’ve built, who you’ve become and where you’re going.


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