Meet the emerging cooperative leader from Karnataka – Harish Gowda


Mysuru- June evolved as a facilitator and serving the interest of the poorer sections of society through the principle of self-help, Mysuru based GD Harish Gowda has emerged as the young cooperative leaders of the state of Karnataka.

Harish Gowda, chairman of MCDCC bank and vice president of Karnataka State Cooperative Apex Bank LTD is working tirelessly and join hands with like-minded members of cooperative societies to achieve the common economic interest.

Having successfully understood the cooperative movement and learning from the teachings and philosophy of Frederic Nicholson who is hailed as the pioneer of the cooperative movement in India, Harish Gowda has adopted various suggestions of them which emphasise the increasing role of the cooperative movement in the state which would help achieve the goal of self and mutual help.

Harish Gowda, son of veteran politician G T Devegowda who served as former higher education minister was nurtured and thought on basics from childhood on the cooperative field as he could get a first-hand experience on it as Devegowda himself was one of the pioneer cooperative leaders in the region.

Harish Gowda has been vocal in updating cooperative legislation for a sector which he thinks would ensure economic growth amidst the slowdown in the economy due to COVID-19.

“The co-operatives in our country has many challenges and they need to be reoriented by improving the efficiency as they are pivotal institutions for bringing socio-economic development for inclusive growth in rural areas. There is a need to work on the direction and more youngsters must come to witness that co-operatives work as autonomous, self-reliant and democratic bodies,” says Harish Gowda.

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