How To Ensure Your Electronics Products Are The Best On The Market

Portable technology, solar panel, tablet, laptop and backpack in a forest
Portable technology, solar panel, tablet, laptop and backpack in a forest

In this last year, it may have seemed quite challenging running an electronics business during the pandemic. But it looks like it may well have paid off. The electronics markets are picking up and at an incredible rate too.

The belief is that business will be better and more profitable than pre-pandemic, but the competition will be tougher than ever. It is definitely a buyers’ market, and that is unlikely to change for some time.

Customer experience and customer confidence are the keywords by which to run your business in 2021. If either of these comes up short, your customers will go elsewhere and take their money with them.

With that in mind, here are a few simple things that can help get your company’s name to the top of the ‘must buy from’ list and get the orders flying through across your desk.

#1 Goods Inward Inspection team

Set up a Goods Inward Inspection team to spot any damage to boards or components before they are kitted and sent to the shop floor. If given the correct training, your team should be able to spot any counterfeit parts and deal with product returns to your suppliers.

Your supplier’s insurance may well cover any damage to components or boards which may have happened in transit. However, if counterfeit products are supplied to you, then you are well within your rights to ask for a full refund.

#2 Handling Components Correctly

Ensure that your staff knows the correct way to handle all components and boards, including the need to wear gloves. Having greasy fingerprints over component leads can cause contamination and stop the solder joints from adhering properly.

Having greasy fingerprints all over PC Boards not only looks unprofessional and highlights a lack of care from a customer’s point of view, but can also cause problems for solder and any conformal coating required on the finished product.

Also, this addresses the problems caused by static and electrostatic discharge, which can damage sensitive components to the point of making them unusable. Having an anti-static device will help disperse this, and there are many which you can source from bags through to clothing and wrist straps.

#3 Plenty of Product Testing

Introduce a process whereby you test your boards at plenty of stages, and you also test all components. Make sure to hire qualified testers who know what they are doing or give plenty of training to novices.

Testers who are not qualified and have not had the proper training can cause a lot of damage to boards, components, and sensitive testing equipment and cost your company more than just money.

In conclusion

Firstly, you’ll need proper training to spot damage to components and boards, and as an addition, counterfeit spotting training could be very beneficial. Next, ensure all staff members know and carry out the correct way to handle components, boards, and finished products. Give full training and do regular checks to make sure everyone is adhering to this rule.

And finally, put in place regular testing of your products through various stages of their manufacture. Be sure to hire competent, qualified testers. This may seem more costly at first, but it will save your company money in the long term.

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