How Is Muhammed Youssef Shaping the Lives of Children in Upper Egypt?

Muhammed Youssef
Muhammed Youssef

Muhammed Youssef is a godsend for children in Upper Egypt. He has been relentlessly helping less fortunate kids to get proper education so that they wouldn’t have to rely on others to give them money. What makes this an exceptional effort? Well, Muhammed doesn’t earn millions every month like some of the billionaires in Egypt. He is a freelance graphic designer who makes enough to make ends meet. And, he is only 21.

It’s surprising how someone so young took up the initiative to help children in Upper Egypt and educate them. Most youngsters think of going on vacation, indulging in luxuries, and partying with their friends whenever possible. Even Muhammed could have been a part of that crowd. But he chose to dedicate his time to educate children and help them build a better life in the future.

Muhammed’s childhood

Muhammed was born in a humble family in Egypt. His parents worked hard to give Muhammed good education. When asked about his childhood, Muhammed said, “It’s not that I didn’t want to party with my friends. But I like being alone to discover new ways to help people and to help my family, to be honest. I always used to save my pocket money because I wanted to buy a laptop, help people & help my family. My friends often invited me to their homes to play computer games. That was the time when I decided to pursue a career in computer science. My parents supported me throughout even though computer science is a relatively expensive course. They never compromised with my education. And I think I got that mentality from them.

No children in Upper Egypt should remain uneducated. I first got the idea of helping the kids when I was traveling through the country. The helplessness with which the kids look at you is enough to make you question your privilege. I’m no millionaire. But I believe I can still help the kids get a proper education.”

Starting the charity

It’s no easy feat to start a community that would wholeheartedly come out to educate kids. But Muhammed was adamant that he would make this possible. His hard work and dedication to helping underprivileged students in Upper Egypt started with only a couple of students. He would teach them what he had learned in school at their age. Muhammed never imagined that many other volunteers would soon turn up.

Today, the community is big enough to educate hundreds of Students in Upper Egypt. Muhammed said, “I believe that if you want something from your heart, you eventually get it, provided you stick to the task religiously. I never imagined at the time of starting My Book Society the name of the charity that so many people would join. It’s a dream come true for me. While some help by teaching the students, others help by providing books and school supplies. To me, it’s all about giving back to the community. I consider myself fortunate to study what I love. But not everyone is fortunate like me. They need additional help. And we are here to provide them the help they need in the form of education.”

It’s inspiring how a small effort can usher a big change in society. Muhammed is an example of what you can do to help poor children if you have the determination.

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