Naimi Shah: Emerging as one of the finest talents in the world of social media.

Naimi Shah
Naimi Shah

The level of momentum and buzz she has created around her content across different niches has allowed her to top the game of blogging and content creation.

Enough has already been spoken about many new and emerging talents across industries and fields across the world. However, it still feels much more discussions are needed around some of them, who leave no stone unturned to get their game right in whatever they choose to do in their careers. This very attitude to put the best foot forward and work with consistent efforts have led to the emergence of several young and talented beings who dare to do the different and, in the process, create something that can make them feel proud as well. Naimi Shah did exactly that, and today her name tops the list of the many young and successful bloggers, influencers and content creators of the social media world.

Ask her what fascinated her to be a part of the digital space and the youngster reveals that the mere idea of connecting with people from every possible corner of the earth through the social media space pumped in the right energies in her and since then, she knew what she wanted to do, to create an impact on her audiences positively by creating content that can keep them engaged and also entertained. Since travelling was what she loved and wished to make her audiences see the beauty of some places, she started with travel blogging.

Naimi Shah hails from Gujarat’s Vadodara and from the very beginning, she confesses all things that were creative always inspired her. This was when she decided to be a part of the social media space and create her own niche by becoming an influencer and blogger. Also, Naimi Shah mentions that she saw how others made it huge by optimizing these mediums and saw the great potential in herself to do the same and achieve milestones. Guess what? She indeed created her path to success and went ahead, gaining a massive follower base on her Instagram of over 37K already.

Apart from the travel niche, Naimi Shah has aced her influencing game in the fashion and lifestyle niche as well and, through her consistent posts and content, serves her audiences the best of what they seek in fashion and lifestyle. She is popularly known as ‘thatbollywoodgurl’ for being at the forefront of serving people with the right insights and latest news from Bollywood. Naimi Shah is also the Creative Head at a prominent Bollywood page. This young girl is also known for her skills in branding and has thrived on social media as a sought-after social media influencer.

To know more, do follow her on Instagram @thatbollywoodgurl.

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