Meet Prabal Pratap Singh Tomar, winner of the coveted ‘Champion of Change’ award.

Prabal Pratap Singh Tomar
Prabal Pratap Singh Tomar

Working for the welfare of the community has got him to the highest pedestal.

Some people are born to work for the upliftment of people and are on a mission to work towards this goal. They are extremely motivated and focussed in doing their job, such that nothing deters them from doing their work efficiently. We have seen many such individuals who have made a huge impact with their work in helping the community and have had a major hand in changing people’s lives in a big way, and one name that fits the bill perfectly amongst such glorious individuals is that of the young political leader from India, Prabal Pratap Singh Tomar, who is well known for his work amongst the commoners in his state M.P as well as in Delhi.

Prabal Pratap Singh Tomar has been in news of late owing to his contribution in the field of youth welfare. He has been supporting the youngsters to excel in sports and other fields and has held a strong hand in working towards making the society a better place to live in. He is one of the most promising young politicians who has done wonders with his work. He has been recognized for many of his works in the past and now has been awarded with the prestigious ‘Champions of Change Award’, which has been given to many eminent personalities who have done their bit for the betterment of the society. The ceremony took place at Raj Bhavan in Goa on the 16th of April. Talking about the award, it is given to those who have worked relentlessly towards making a drastic change in the society by contributing to their best potential. Many forthcoming individuals who have worked as frontline warriors during the trying times of the pandemic that held the world to ransom and those who have worked for the benefit of their particular states by supporting government sponsored programs like Swach Bharat Abhiyaan or any other work which has benefitted the society in some way or other have been awarded with this award which is indeed a huge achievement for the awardees. Many known personalities from various fields had also joined him to receive their respective awards.

His contribution has been well recognized and looking at his unceasing work towards the society he has been offered the position of Jt. Secretary Youth (international) at the Gandhi Mandela Foundation, the United States, which is indeed a huge achievement and a moment of pride for Indians having such a young leader attain this position.

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