Meet Prathap David, working his way to the top in the vast entrepreneurial world.

Prathap David
Meet Prathap David, working his way to the top in the vast entrepreneurial world.

He is seen as one of the youngest Malaysian millionaires and has inspired many others through his success story.

In a world that seems too consumed by attaining overnight successes, all those people who believe in their dreams, take pertinent efforts and work committedly towards their goals each passing day are the ones who create their success stories from the ground up, become inspirational stories for the world to know. All these dreamers who have chosen to turn themselves into action-takers have totally spellbound people with the kind of growth and success they have achieved in their respective fields and industries. We came across one such highly talented, intelligent and passionate young entrepreneur who has gone ahead in becoming the jack of all trades and has impressed people with his astute business sense and perseverance; he is Prathap David.

Right since his childhood, if anything that attracted Prathap David the most, it was the quest to create something of his own, something that can he take great pride in all his life and also emerge as a true winner in whatever he chooses to do in life. This took him into the entrepreneurial world and today, he has become one of the finest entrepreneurs, running multiple companies and partnerships. Interestingly, this young lad is also a medical student at Monash University and still takes out time to manage and grow his businesses.

Everything began for him at the naive age of 12, where he started knowing about the business and e-commerce space after watching an ad about an ‘Online Guru’. Not having the money to pay for the course, he watched his ad multiple times and went on those sites the Online Guru went to and began learning about e-commerce. From there, Prathap David got the opportunity to gradually dip his feet into every online business like MLM, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, SEO, forex and trading. Though he did not make much money, the journey was still worth it, he confesses.

Today, he has turned into a young and successful entrepreneur running multiple companies and partnerships. Prathap David owns his clothing brand named ‘Black Wolf Clothing’, which is a B2B clothing solution. It produces and manufactures clothing for other brands and companies. They partner with their well-performing brands to help them grow faster, taking a percentage of their sales. Right now, he is planning to own his own retail brand and grow it as well.

However, his major wins came from his company named Harappan Ltd, which is an offshore equity holdings company. Prathap David puts in the money for capital growth and allows for other select group of investors to buy in shares of the company, where they get their returns as yearly dividends.

Speaking about the medical field, the youngster says that he enjoys learning about the human body. Also, his entire family is in the field of medicine. If in case Harappan Ltd doesn’t make a powerful impact on mankind, as a doctor, he believes he can still have created a positive impact on at least one person. This has what kept him going on his path in both the medical field as well as in the business world.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @prathapdavid02.

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