Shubham Malvi aka Atharv Kumar On His Entrepreneur Journey & His Quest To Explore More Opportunities

Atharv Kumar

The invention of the internet is one of the best blessings to humankind. In the past few years, many people have found a way to start their own ventures. The Internet has many opportunities, and some creative and intellectual minds know how to use it well. One such field that has the most potential in today’s time is digital marketing. Shubham Malvi, aka Atharv Kumar, created a secure place for himself in the same as an entrepreneur.

Many business people and celebrities have inspired Shubham Malvi to thrive in life and achieve success. He was aware that a 9-5 job would not give him the freedom to work in his own way. So he decided to start his own venture and pursued digital marketing. The entrepreneur also gained expertise in media, web development and SEO. All this helped him to start his own agency one day.

Today, Shubham Malvi, aka Atharv Kumar, is India’s youngest and successful digital marketing expert. He helps celebs, politicians or sportspeople to increase their reach on social media. Shubham’s digital marketing agency also helps brands and companies with online marketing, advertisements and promotions. His services help these ventures to get closer to their target audience. Malvi’s clients have only good things to say about him and his active mind that is well aware of every new online trend.

Shubham Malvi aka Atharv Kumar, got candid about his entrepreneurial journey. He says, “Just like other young people, I also spend a lot of time on the internet. But I saw the potential to run a business and earn good money. So I got to know about digital marketing. It is a known fact that many businesses now also function online. Everyone needs a digital presence. But people are not aware of its methods. That’s why people like me are there in the field. I am happy that my hard work is paying off. This is just the beginning for me. Internet is full of opportunities, and I want to explore more and more in the coming time.”

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