What makes dry herb vaporizers a healthy choice?

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One of the most talked about products of the 21st century is marijuana, and this is because of the legalization of the herb that occurred in 2012. The significance of this is the fact that it has previously been illegal for the better part of the 20th century, and since legalization, many health benefits have been discovered which have improved the lives of millions. However, science has now realized that using combustion to smoke marijuana is not the healthiest choice, which is why many people are now turning to dry herb vaporizers, and why many retailers such as magicvaporizers.com are selling them. Here are a few reasons as to what makes dry herb vaporizers a healthy choice.

What they consist of

The first thing to know about dry herb vaporizers is what they consist of, in other words, what the parts are that make up the dry herb vaporizer. The first part, which is probably the most essential, is the chamber where the marijuana is placed. This is the largest part of the dry herb vaporizer, and requires the most care. The second component of a dry herb vaporizer is the mouthpiece; this is what you will be drawing from when using the device. The third component of a dry herb vaporizer is the battery, which is responsible for powering the device and heating the marijuana in order to vaporize it. The final component of the vaporizer is on the screen that displays information related to the vaporizer, such as the battery percentage or the temperature it is set at.

The heating methods

The heating methods that a dry herb vaporizer use is what makes it a healthy choice when consuming marijuana. This is because conventional or traditional methods require combustion, such as smoking a joint or from a bong. When using combustion as the heating method, the marijuana is heated beyond a certain point and harmful carcinogens and toxins are created, and when inhaled, produce negative effects on the body.

Dry herb vaporizers use 2 heating methods, which are convection and conduction. The conduction heating method is basically like what happens to food in a pan; the marijuana is placed in the chamber, and the direct contact with the heated surface causes the marijuana to vaporize. The second method is convection and this is like using an oven, since hot air swirls around the marijuana causing it reach a temperature that makes the marijuana vaporize.

Both of these heating methods fall far below the levels of heat that combustion creates, therefore avoiding any harmful toxins or carcinogens from being created.

How to use them safely

Even though using a dry herb vaporizer is safe than using combustion to smoke marijuana, there are still things that need to be done to ensure that the process is smooth and healthy. The first thing that should be done is to make sure that the marijuana being used is fresh; this can be done by feeling it as fresh marijuana is slightly sticky, not extremely dry and about to crumble.

The second thing that should be done is the chamber should be packed properly, as this is very important. If a conduction vaporizer is being used, it is essential that contact is being made, if not, then the marijuana won’t vaporize. This means that the chamber should not be overly packed, as this will result in marijuana not making contact, and if this happens, then old marijuana will be left in the chamber and vaporized the next time the device is used. This also means that the chamber should be cleaned out after each use to remove any residual residue or chunks of marijuana.

The full experience

The final reason why using a dry herb vaporizer is a far more healthier choice than using combustion is because the full experience will be received. This is because there are over 100 cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, and when using combustion, many of them aren’t activated or are burnt to the point where it is impossible for them to be activated. Using a dry herb vaporizer eliminates that problem since the heat generated doesn’t do that. Not only are more terpenes (the compound that is responsible for the taste) being activated, more cannabinoids with health benefits are being activated too. The temperature should a

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