5 Interesting Things You Should Know About Instagram

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Social media needs an introduction to anyone who is the least bit familiar with the internet. Unless you are literally living under a rock, you must have at least heard of one or more social networks. Factually speaking, more than 4.5 billion people worldwide are on the internet. Out of these, 3.5 million are active on at least one platform for social media. Such a huge number of users reflects the variety of purposes social media can serve. Some use it to stay connected with people while others want to keep up with the lives of their favorite celebs. Along with the purposes and users, the list of options for social media platforms is long as well. From the long list of options, one name particularly stands out. The name is Instagram. 

Instagram: An Overview

Instagram was founded in 2010 and a decade later its total user count has crossed the 1 billion mark. With that, Instagram has cemented its place in the top 3 of the social media alongside Facebook and YouTube. Such a huge number of users makes it difficult for new ones to choose a nickname, but websites like Brandsnag allow to check which usernames are already taken.

The popularity of Instagram can be credited to its easy functionality and being exclusive to visual content. One can simply click a picture or record a video and send it out for millions to watch. The content here is easy to consume as people nowadays would rather watch a short clip than reading paragraphs of text. Instagram is ideal for those who seek online fame for themselves or recognition for their brands as well. There are many statistics and facts to prove this but here are 5 more interesting things everyone interested in Instagram should know. 

The Heart Of Marketing 

Instagram is the first choice of brands and marketers, without a doubt. Studies have shown a majority of brands find Instagram the most effective and efficient platform for digital marketing. One major reason behind it is the excellent engagement rates of the platform. On an average, Instagram is more than 10 times engaging than Facebook and even more so than other competitors. 

Instagram is preferred by potential buyers as well. 90% of its total users follow at least one brand on the platform. Studies have also shown that 81% of people use Instagram to find and research the products they want to buy. 

The Place To Be For Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a component of social media marketing whose importance has been realized by all of the brands online. Using social media celebs for promotions has shown better results as users trust their opinions to make shopping decisions. Statistics also show that both brands and influencers give Instagram the first preference for marketing. There are more than 500k active influencers of different scales on Instagram currently. Similarly, 70% of US marketers spend the entirety of their influencer marketing budget on Instagram. 

Not Every Hashtag Is Useful 

If you are active on Instagram for any purpose and in any capacity, you must be aware of hashtags. It is rare to see Instagram posts with no hashtags at all these days. Everyone is using them but not all of them are doing so the right way. Some use too many tags or too popular tags or completely irrelevant tags. Using the most popular hashtags seems tempting but it provides the least benefits. There are millions of posts with these tags and chances of you getting buried under too high. Using 2 to 5 not too popular but relevant tags is the best strategy.

Instagram Ads Are Worth It 

Many are skeptical about investing in Instagram ads but they are totally worth your investment and even more. With ads, you can reach more people than ever organically. Instagram ads have been proven by experts to be the most engaging and cost-effective. You reach a target audience with creative visual ads that will return more value than what you spent on the campaigns. It is guaranteed to increase engagement on Instagram through more followers and thus more Instagram  likes and comments. 

You Can Buy Engagement Legally 

There is a myth or more of fear amongst social media users about buying engagement. People believe it to be either illegal or a scam but that is not the case. You can buy Instagram followers without having to worry about your money or your account. Unless you choose a shady website to buy from, these bought metrics will help you increase engagement on Instagram the fastest. There are many popular websites trusted by brands and influencers from where you can buy Instagram followers safely and securely. 


Social media has its fair share of supporters and critics. There are both pros and cons to it but one can not deny its impact and importance in today’s time. Billions of people are spending their time on these platforms and there is some purpose behind it. More than a billion out of them are active on Instagram only. It includes people wanting to get famous, celebrities aiming to connect with fans, and businesses trying to spread their word. Instagram is perfect for all of these purposes and these 5 things serve as proof of it.


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