VALU3: How This Digital Marketing Firm Grew to Dominate the Market


There’s a great need for guidance, especially for new brands in the digital space, now that the digital revolution has fully taken shape. Brands that are yet to establish an online presence are lagging.

Alex Petrisor and Chris Kurz saw the need to help brands navigate the complex online space and created a digital marketing company, Valu3. The company has been in the industry years and has become a global brand.

Valu3 has established a niche in helping brands craft result-driven digital strategies and increase awareness and visibility online. Valu3 is one of the fastest growing digital media agency worldwide, with 500+ successful projects.

Valu3 started small at a time when the digital takeover was taking root. Through perseverance and determination, it has spread its wings to almost every part of the world. It started in Germany and Austria and is now grown into an international company with clients from Germany, United States, France, England and many other countries.

Teamwork has played a significant role in the growth of Valu3. The company boasts of a highly pro-active and self-driven team that believes in innovation and pacesetting in their field. Valu3 has delivered satisfactory results to their clients every time and even exceeded client expectations by working closely with clients. The company values its clients’ happiness, so they focus on making all their projects a success.

Both Petrisor and Kurz have been in the digital space for years, which has equipped them with the skills necessary to run the company. Although they have had different projects and experience in the digital field , they decided to help individuals grow their businesses by building and growing their brands. Valu3 has worked with various market leaders, celebrities, billion-dollar companies, and many others.

With so many successful projects, Valu3 has managed to earn itself a spot in the industry. With a talented team, good communication skills, and professionalism, Valu3 has proven to their clients that they are the company to go-to for all digital marketing needs.

The journey towards building a successful  business begins with believing in yourself and seeing where the world is headed before it goes there. Luck is occasionally involved, but Chris Kurz and Alex Petrisor have learned that experience and determination are equally important.

Seeing how far Valu3 has come, it is evident that brands can build and grow their presence online.

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