What is SafeBTC? -The New Cryptocurrency To Watch and How It Began

What is SafeBTC? -The New Cryptocurrency To Watch and How It Began

SafeBTC is a new Cryptocurrency that rewards its holders as the trading increases (more on the figures later). This article will give a little background information into this new exciting addition to the market.

Where it started…

This isn’t just new, it’s brand new. SafeBTC was launched just last month (March 2021). When this all started the original developer stepped back and burned 50% of the supply. But in this short time, it has gained quite the interest. The cryptocurrency has a large following of 14,000+ via Telegram. The community through Telegram allows you to exchange information with other users who are talking about the same topic. This is a fantastic resource to learn more about what appears to be the new Crypto on the block.

Here’s the link to the Telegram discussion:


What’s Different?

SafeBTC has gained so much popularity because of how it rewards its token holders. Essentially, when a holder sells, they are hit with a 4% penalty. 2% of the penalty goes to, you guessed it, the holders!  This money is redistributed to all holders as a form of reward for simply holding the cryptocurrency! So the popularity starts to become clearer.

Facts & Figures

Sectors: Blockchain, DeFi & Fintech

Available Aggregators:

COINMARKETCAP – https://becoinmarketcap.com/currencies/safebtc/

COINGECKO – https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/safebtc

Token Metrics: SafeBTC has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000. Soon after launch though over half were burned forever. The current supply stands at 410,897,015,655,234 and it keeps decreasing! Still plenty to go around.

For more detailed info on the facts and figures check out Everipedia’s page on SafeBTC:


Recent Developments

As stated in the facts and figures the new cryptocurrency is available on leading platforms. They managed to partner with industry leaders in the Fintech and DeFi to allow for amazingly straightforward transactions without friction or sticking points. SafeBTC will also release its own multi-platform wallet.


It’s clear to see why this cryptocurrency in particular is gaining a lot of traction and attention. They have laid the correct foundation by making it accessible and the currency and its rewards speak for themselves. With lots of information online and more to come, do your own research! Take a look for yourself. The reward system in place could mean getting in early is your best friend. But like I said, don’t take my word for it. www.safebitcoin.io

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