Update with Kenora MP Eric Melillo – April 9 2021


KENORA – POLITICS – Conservatives have been fighting to get Canadians through this crisis and to secure our future. That means learning from what has happened and making sure this never happens again.

That’s why we’re pledging to hold a full inquiry into the Liberal government’s handling of COVID-19. If we want to make sure Canada is prepared for future public health emergencies, we need to examine what worked and what didn’t, and we need to hold officials to account.

Mistakes were made throughout this pandemic, from mixed messages on mask-wearing to the Liberal government’s failure to secure the border, which allowed COVID-19 and its even more dangerous variants into the country.

But perhaps the gravest mistake made by the Trudeau government was the failure to procure sufficient doses of the vaccine.

While other countries were making deals with multiple pharmaceutical companies to secure doses, Justin Trudeau focused on a multimillion-dollar deal with the Chinese company CanSino. Of course, this deal fell through when the Communist Chinese regime blocked shipments of the vaccine to Canada.

The Trudeau government’s botched procurement has cost lives and left Canadians facing many more months of restrictions, even as other countries are re-opening.

This disparity is keenly felt by workers and business owners in the Kenora riding, many of who rely on American clients who are still not allowed to enter Canada – even though many of them are fully vaccinated.

My Conservative colleagues and I have been fighting for a safe re-opening of our country and our economy. Our top priority is securing the health of Canadians and recovering the million jobs that have been lost.

But once we are through the worst of this, lessons have to be learned. Canada must never be as unprepared as we were when COVID hit last year.

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Eric Melillo

Member of Parliament