Siddharth Rao Man with a Golden Heart !! Big loss to Humanity!!

Siddharth Rao
Siddharth Rao

Famous Anand, Gujarat-based businessman, Philanthropist And kind soul Siddharth Sandip Rao left the earth side a few days back, Siddharth Rao’s demise is a big loss to humanity.

Entire Gujarat is reeling in shock over the passing of the young, father of two young kids, Sidhnarth Rao.

The other side of Siddharth Rao: Business Tycoon, Pilot a philanthropist, And An Activist.

Siddhath Rao was one of the youngest Pilot Licenses Holder in history.

Yet there was a little-known side to him .

Sidhnarth Rao was a kind soul who tried to help out the society and reduce the sufferings of the people. His kindness and philanthropic works had made a special place for himself in the hearts of many.

Siddharth Rao was not only a businessman but a philanthropist throughout the period he was active. He has done donations at various temples in the sum of crores.

He always wanted to uplift the community and practice community welfare.

He used to distribute fruits on a daily basis to Anand’s slum area. He always wanted to help the downtrodden in all possible ways.

He has given numerous donations for the health and education of underprivileged children.

Though these news are very less known to the public, as he never did any of these work for name or fame. He believed to do good, one does not need to declare it loud. He never believed in showing off so he continued all his noble work without making any noise.

he even installed water dispensaries for cows. He also used to feed Monkeys and Birds on daily basis.

This proves how good-hearted he was as his goodness was dedicated not only to humans but to all the living beings.

People of all ages used to call him “BOSS” out of respect because of his noble works.

The controversial leader was a popular figure Of Anand , who formed Samrajya Sena, back in 2012 in the state of Gujarat . Over the years, Samrajya Sena has done more than hundred noble And charitable works.

He used to organize various awareness and health related campaigns. He also organized various festivals including Ganpati Mahotsav, Navratri, Holi and even Eid and Muharram for thousands of Anand youngsters & elders.

He had never separated any community like Hindu and Muslim he had equal friends and fans from both the communities.

He was a man with a golden heart.

Siddharth Rao was a mass leader . The truth is that one will find his followers and detractors only describe him in extremes. But both will agree on one thing, that he was one of a kind, an original and man with a big heart.

That’s why it’s difficult to characterise this man as a Business Tycoon, Philanthropist, Activist or a leader.

The outpourings of obituaries and condolences after his death on 24 March are very confusing for many who have not followed him closely.

But those who know his life history understand that this man was more popular than notorious.

While Siddharth Rao was often attached with various philanthropic works, few actually go about it as quietly as Siddharth Rao did. This is what made him different from others.

Life is extremely uncertain and unpredictable. But, the goodness lies in remembering greatness. So, let’s keep in mind all the good things that this gem soul did for humanity in his living years and pray for him to rest in peace.

With him passing, many many houses lost an amazing human being. His loss will be felt by all. May his soul rest in peace. Om Shanti.

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