Meet Mao Lal, the man and the mind behind the exponential rise of the blockchain technology industry

Mao Lai
Mao Lai

A quick look around us will let us know how things have been fast-moving and changing across business industries and fields all across the globe for the better. To be a part of this change, one needs to embrace the modern innovations and create a brighter future for themselves, explains Mao Lal, who stands tall as one of the expert professionals and entrepreneurs in the vast and ever-growing blockchain technology industry. This man has showcased his passion and prowess in the entrepreneurial world with his continuous learning habits and his eye for detail, and his innovativeness when it comes to growing his businesses in the field.

It all started for his incredible man in the year 2003 when he founded his firm Deutsches Edelmetallhaus ( His abilities to walk with the changing times of the world helped him get into the trading of precious metals. He had predicted then that gold, silver, and trading of other rare commodities would make an important place in the financial sector in the future and that has what exactly happened. In 2010, when a new digital and decentralized currency became more popular called bitcoin, he knew what he wanted to do and since then, Mao Lal has never looked back.

He confesses that the more he became involved with the idea behind the innovative construct of the decentralized managed currency, the greater his enthusiasm became, which still remains unbroken even after more than a decade in the industry. Hence, he says even if bitcoin someday may disappear, the idea and concept behind it will still remain as it is the future.

Mao Lal started with mining bitcoin in 2010 with his computer. He gained more motivation when he was able to mine the first bitcoins after only a few hours. Today, Mao Lal has become one of the biggest names in the digital mining industry with building his own mining farm in Norway. His other business, Bitsons Management GmbH (, provides varied services in business consulting, product development, marketing, and IT solutions and gives people an opportunity to build an additional income. The company develops innovative services and products with their partners and customers, taking up the advantage of blockchain technology, integrating them into the existing industries.

With Coinygram LTD (, Mao Lal has offered people an exceptional cryptocurrency trading platform, which is amongst the few providers in Europe, focusing on already experienced crypto traders as its target group and opening the market around crypto products and virtual currencies to the broad masses.

Mao Lal made a unique name for himself through years of consistent hard work, goal orientation, discipline, persistence and courage. He explains that it is essential for people to accept setbacks from time to time and learn from their mistakes, to get up again, push harder and achieve bigger. Mao Lal wants to continue growing his business through intensive and continuous training. He always makes sure to keep up with the latest developments in the sector and advises the same to others. For that, Mao Lal says that strategic partnerships are extremely important.

His ambition was and is to develop innovations that offer real added value and his goal is the next big leap in the industry and not just the next small step forward.

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