How to See Instagram Insights: The Ultimate Guide

TECH TALK – Instagram when it first started out as a social media platform, it mainly targeted the age group consisting of preteens and young adults. Now, this app is one of the best platforms to showcase your talent, to do some serious content, of networking and building a loyal fan base with more than two hundred million active monthly users and more than two billion likes per day. With the engagement rates needing to be higher than it usually was in order for your content to actually gain popularity, you need to make sure that you plan well and create quality content for Instagram. But there are times when no matter how many times you post the right photos, maintain the right feed and plan extensively, there are times when you don’t get the followers you should ideally gain even after all of these efforts that you have put in. So, where are you going wrong?

What are the five ways to gain popularity on Instagram really fast?

  • Improve your hashtag game, and use hashtags if you are not using them.

Hashtags are one of the best ways to gain followers in the most effective way. You can check out some of the best sites to buy instagram followers to get the best engagement rate. Using the hashtags that resonate with the message your brand has to offer. Hashtags also help in allowing new customers or even potential new followers to find your brand and discover the content you put out there. You can put up to around thirty hashtags for every post and this will help in increasing the exposure to your account. The key element in acing this technique would be that you make sure that you use relevant hashtags on every post and the ones that actually relate to your post and the message you are trying to send out. You will obviously, without doubt have to always explore more hashtags that are always in relevance with your content, so make sure that you do your own research when it comes to this.

  • Maintain a schedule and time to post, and to post regularly, rather than posting at random and inconsistent timings. 

Maintaining a schedule and finding the right time to post your content on a regular basis, plays a huge role when it comes to gaining followers. You need to make sure that you are keeping the content on your feed quite new and fresh to make sure that people are actually interested in what you post, and also the fact that you will have to make sure that the quantity you post should have quality and relevance to your overall feed, because if it does not, it literally makes a moot point on doing all of this if the quality is not worthy enough. The more you tend to post, the more chances are there that your content would be shared and this would lead to the more of your content being discovered and shared by many more other people. There are many Instagram tools that are available to help you out in maintaining a regular posting schedule.

  • Find micro communities that actually resonate with what your brand stands for, or the message you would like to send out.

Now, since you already know the relevance of hashtags, joining and exploring micro communities that are actually very similar to your brand ideals and what you actually stand for is one of the best ways to find and gain new instagram followers. Exploring and researching the upcoming and growing micro communities and keeping up with them is more easier than you think it is. You also just need to follow them and you will find yourself always in the loop of knowing the latest trends and styles.

  • Exploiting the location tag as much as you can.

While this may seem ridiculous, this is another factor that a lot of people fail to see the importance and advantages of. By tagging the location and updating your post with every location you visit, this increases your chance for your posts to be discovered and even probably reposted by other accounts. This increases not only your engagements but your overall interactions which feeds the Instagram algorithm. 

  • The following unfollow system.

If you have been an Instagram user for a while now, you would know of the follow unfollow method which has been quite popular for a while now. This method is basically where a user follows a large number of users and some of them will follow them back through which they would gain followers. After this, after a certain time period, they would unfollow them. This is one of the most successful methods, though it does take a lot of time and effort. And while Instagram has not confirmed or specified the number of accounts you can follow, you can follow about forty Instagram accounts in a day. 

These are the five ways to gain popularity on Instagram really fast, especially the fact that these are fool proof methods that will actually help you gain the followers provided that you follow them consistently and post quality content. Apart from that, you can also use the new features that Instagram keeps introducing because this will also help in promoting your content to potential followers that will definitely help you gain followers. Feeding into the Instagram algorithm also helps, in which it does increase your chances of your content to be featured on the explore page. And the best way is still to try some of the best instagram growth services to gain popularity on instagram.

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