“When you encourage limit and lack, it creates a room for demotivation in the mind”, says entrepreneur Ahmed W. Elzoghabi

Ahmed W. Elzoghabi
Ahmed W. Elzoghabi

To live an ordinary and well-to-do life, give your best shot in the job you do. But to live life like a king-size, create a job that you dreamt to do. There’s a filter in between doing a job and creating a job. Very few people opt to choose the latter, and why not? It enables one to live a life of their dreams without anyone’s fear or favour. Aiming to work as an independent entrepreneur, Ahmed W. Elzoghabi gained experience from his job as a telecom sales executive. The knowledge he gained from sales and marketing helped him incorporate a business selling agency that served the Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 companies.

The transition from working under a company to starting his company was undoubtedly one of a kind experience for Ahmed. Sharing some insights about his experience, he stated that how consistency and productivity play a significant role in building a company. “When you encourage limit and lack, it creates a room for demotivation in the mind. The only way to gain success is to be limitless and bring creativity to the table with distinctive ideas”, quoted Ahmed. The success of Ahmed’s business selling agency saw him venture into trading. To understand the concept of trading, he enrolled himself in trading courses and researched stock trading and options trading.

Having gained tremendous knowledge, he established ‘La Vague Trades’, a trading community for all the traders. “It is a platform where traders can make good money if they are well-versed in options trading. My platform is gradually even educating the amateur traders who wish to make a full-time career in trading”, said the young entrepreneur. Moreover, the Egyptian and Moroccan entrepreneur has also spread his business ventures across different industries. Three years ago, he founded ‘Integrated Home Solutions Inc’, a home shop for all the housing requirements like televisions, smartphones, internet and security devices, solar panels and CCTV cameras.

While speaking about handling multiple ventures at one go, Mr Ahmed stated that it is all about consistency and working smartly. “To thrive in this competitive world, you must create a monopoly of building varied business ventures. That’s how you reach towards excellence”, added Ahmed. Apart from this, his experience of more than seven years in sales and marketing, and his knowledge in trading is being reflected through his YouTube vlogs. Imparting his knowledge, Ahmed W. Elzoghabi creates different vlogs on his YouTube channel about business and trading that he shares with amateur businessmen and traders.

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