Interview with Miami’s real estate entrepreneur Diego Alexis Gonzalez Gomez

Diego Alexis Gonzalez Gomez

Digital media is universal. It is almost present in every business sector. There would hardly be an industry that has not integrated digitalization in their business. Real estate is a booming sector that has got the support of tech and digital media. Amidst the rise of social media and digital technology, many names have erupted in the market who are smashing the real estate sector. Diego Alexis Gonzalez Gomez is one among many who has brushed his entrepreneurial skills in the real estate sector as well as in the digital medium. Having done his studies at Florida International University, he pursued a course in Digital Media in Summer 2020. His curiosity to adapt to the newness has helped him succeed as a high-end entrepreneur.

Understanding the real estate market in Miami, the Mexican-born entrepreneur integrated digital marketing in his work. It has indeed helped him prosper as a trusted name in the real estate world. Besides having great knowledge about real estate, his skills in digital marketing are add-ons that he can boast. In a candid interview, the entrepreneur speaks about the rise of the real estate sector, the significance of digitalization, his next move and much more. Check out his interview below:

Q: How has the real estate sector shaped up your career?

A: I would say it has not only shaped, but made me what I am today. For me, real estate is not just a business, but a medium to invest. When you make some smart investments in buying rental properties, expect its price to increase in the coming years. My focus has been on doubling the ROI, and that’s what I do. I invest in the real estate sector to double my net worth. I believe that savings won’t lead one anywhere, but investments will. I built a real estate business in Miami, Florida only after my venture of exotic car rental company succeeded.

Q: How severely did the real estate sector hamper in Miami after the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Not just Miami, but the real estate sector went on a toll all over the world. The COVID-19 outbreak shook the entire world. In Miami’s real estate sector, the prices of the properties came down. To be precise, the properties that suffered the most were hotels, clubs, bars and all the public and tourist-driven places. Even the sales of luxury homes took a dip in the initial few months, however, the situation improved with time, and it is still getting recovered.

Q: What’s next for Diego?

A: The next step is to learn more to earn more, (haha). Well, many parts of the world are still under lockdown. Utilizing this time, I have thought to add more skills and gain more knowledge that is available on the internet. I feel that the internet is an encyclopaedia that can change the fortunes of many people.

Q: If you had to give any advice to your younger self, what would it be?

A: Live in every moment, and most importantly live in the present. Learn more skills because the more skilled you are, the more are the opportunities you have to expand your business empire. Apart from this, the most important advice to my younger self would be to always follow the heart, and not get carried away by people’s opinions and thoughts.

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