Ontario Progressive Conservative Government Brings in Budget with $173 Billion in Spending

Queens Park

TORONTO – POLITICS – The Ford Government has brought down the biggest budget in Ontario’s history. The government is planning $173 billion in spending to help support vaccination efforts, and support hospitals.

The budget titled, “Protecting People’s Health and Our Economy” will see spending by the Progressive Conservatives climb by $24.2 billion over last year’s budget.

The government also says that it is working to revive and stimulate the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down many businesses, and closed others.

The projected deficit is expected to fall to $33.1 billion, down from the record $38.5 billion last year.

The PCs are planning on increased tax revenues of $6 billion as businesses re-open and Ontario shoppers spend their savings.

The Ontario debt is also expected to grow to half a trillion by 2023.