Abhinav Malhotra, A Passionate Award-Winning Personal Trainer, Coach And Sports Nutritionist In Dubai

Abhinav Malhotra
Abhinav Malhotra

Abhinav Malhotra, born and raised in Faridabad, India, is an award-winning personal trainer, coach and sports nutritionist in Dubai, UAE, and the founder of AbhiFit, a personal training firm.

When your passion becomes your profession, it is the happiest thing that can happen to a human. His heart lies in helping others, lead a quality life, being an obese child himself and suffering from all sorts of metabolic and joint diseases, he knows what it is to be unfit, unhealthy or dangerous, and nothing gives him more pleasure than the world around him being changed. The world needs support, and he feels that he has the education and passion for helping people.

One thing he loves about this profession is that it creates a great network and link to many individuals from diverse cultures and industries. It not only teaches us outstanding human skills and cultivates great partnerships, but it is also excellent for networking.

He was named the UAE MALE PERSONAL TRAINER OF THE YEAR (Silver) in 2019 and was selected for the Top 10 Personal Trainers in the UAE for 3 years in a row from 2018, 2019 and 2020. In the Middle East’s largest gym chain, Fitness First Middle East, he was also titled the ‘first and only’ ELITE MASTER TRAINER. He has been several times on radio stations, has been a writer for popular magazines and newspapers, and has been published in the UAE & INDIA in many media. There’s probably more progression coming his way.

The biggest obstacle was criticism from his own family and colleagues. They told him he was wasting his time doing something meaningless and not working with his family in his company. He was a director of a multi-million logistics company and had a corporate experience that he could do well. Fitness as a traditional occupation has not been recognized yet, and fitness practitioners were not as respected as other professions, he wanted to change it. And telling his own family that he wasn’t wasting his time was tough. Except his wife, no one was helpful.

Things have now changed and he’s doing well in Dubai and has made a name for himself after years of grinding and many sacrifices. The respect of his friends and family has now been earned by him. They see that he has gained a reputation among the best Dubai fitness practitioners. Now he’s worked hard (probably much harder) and he needs to build on the momentum and not rest here, or else he will be overtaken easily by others and become marginal in the business.

He has received several well-known fitness certificates.

His aim is to help others, better their well-being & earn money and fame. It’s a massive incentive to be praised and remembered for the excellent work he has done. If you’re not rewarded for the job you do, you might not do what you do and lose motivation. Therefore, excellent work and compensation go hand in hand.

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