Niyah Smith – The Musician, Executive Producer And A&R Manager

Niyah Smith
Niyah Smith

The music business is a tough industry to crack to become really successful. Majority of the artists we see today have a two year life span if they are lucky. Something that you spend your who life doing to then only last two years is absolutely devastating

We asked Niyah some questions

Why is it so hard to become successful in the music industry?

A lot of artists get a record deal then think they are rich and that the money will last forever, this is not the case. Once you get a record deal you now have to work even harder as you are now in debt (whatever you advance was)

Most artists don’t see money from the record label after their advanced because they just do not recoup.

Who have you seen become successful starting from the bottom?

My business partner Stefflondon. I have watched her journey from the very beginning, all nighters in the studio for days and days. She is a great example of putting in excessive work continuously; Her ambitions are greater then what we can imagine.

With you holding so much roles within the music industry, how do you find the balance?

its like any other job, just like single mums with two kids who are able to look after two kids then still go to work, you find that balance. I am someone who sits on both sides of the fence, the record label side and the artist management side, I get the best of both worlds

What advice would you give to up an coming musicians or music executives?

Hard work always pays off, it may take 3-5 years to move up just a little, this a marathon not a sprint. Always go above and beyond when it comes to doing something that you love doing. Referring back to one of the earlier questions regarding me having various roles within the music industry, this is because I adore my job so much, it doesn’t even feel like a job to me which is a blessing.

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