Chris Jenkins, “My Biggest Accomplishment is Freedom”

Chris Jenkins, “My Biggest Accomplishment is Freedom”
Chris Jenkins, “My Biggest Accomplishment is Freedom”

For many of us, our accomplishments usually hang on our walls in the form of plaques or trophies that have detailed that we have won an award for achieving success in a particular area. In the most profound sense, however, our accomplishments may be more than physical rewards and recognition. As an entrepreneur, your accomplishments may be the culmination of all your business efforts into a successful brand. An accomplishment can take on different meanings depending on the individual. UK native Chris Jenkins, entrepreneur and founder of luxury sneaker brand, Giovvani, views freedom as his biggest accomplishment.

He recently shared how his company Giovvani helped him to achieve this freedom.

The Rise of Giovvani

Giovvani came to being out of the need to create something that suited Chris’s lifestyle. “During my travels, I needed some casual sneakers but found it incredibly difficult to get anything which wasn’t covered in excessive designs and branding. This was when I decided to launch Giovvani and produce a luxury sneaker brand which fits the need I initially had.”

“I believe for Giovvani we’re able to offer a product which is of a very high standard. The branding of the product gives every customer a true feel of luxury, whether that’s in terms of the aesthetics or the physical material.”

All the shoes are handmade and are designed to stand out from the competition. “Many competitors use off-the-shelf soles to cut costs. However, we have designed and manufactured our own custom soles. The grip of the sole is second to none, and the comfort of the leather is incredible. The shoes were designed so that the colorways can be mixed and matched with different outfits and essentially add the finishing touch to a designer wardrobe.”

“Overall, I would say Giovvani is more than a sneaker. It offers an unrivaled feeling of luxury alongside being a select movement for people looking to upgrade their footwear.”

Even though Chris is still active in the dropshipping arena, he is now fixated on growing Giovvani into a well-known global brand with a reputation for product excellence.

Successful Pursuits

Over the years, Chris has seen many successful pursuits in dropshipping and his entrepreneurial journey. “Looking back, there’s a range of milestones which are quite mind-blowing to reflect on. I often think about how I’ve now advertised to more than 700 million people online. I’d even have friends message me saying they’re seeing my ads while on holiday in the Caribbean.” For any entrepreneur, having such a far-reaching brand is definitely an accomplishment worth celebrating.

The global recognition has allowed Chris and his team to sell large volumes of products worldwide and generate millions of dollars in sales via his dropshipping company. Dropshipping Chris currently employs 400-500 contractors who support business operations in a variety of ways. Many of these contractors are based in the Philippines. Chris views it as a major accomplishment to impact communities with so many jobs.

Achieving Freedom

For Chris, however, all other pursuits have helped him achieve his biggest accomplishment. “Whilst these numbers are incredible, my biggest accomplishment is now freedom. Freedom to wake up when I want, freedom to work on businesses I’m passionate about like Giovvani, and freedom to choose where I want to be in the world with no one dictating what I have to do.”

Many entrepreneurs like Chris view financial freedom as the ultimate goal and the reason for their continued sacrifices.

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