Declare Thunder Bay a Hot Spot for COVID-19 – NDP MPP Monteith-Farrell


THUNDER BAY – As Thunder Bay’s new COVID cases reached 51 cases on Monday and 32 on Tuesday, MPP for Thunder Bay-Atikokan, Judith Monteith-Farrell said the provincial government needs to declare Thunder Bay a hot spot to help the people of Thunder Bay who have been left on their own to deal with the COVID crisis.

“Our hospital is struggling to keep up with the COVID surge and declared a level grey lockdown after a COVID-19 outbreak this week. With the ICU nearing capacity, ICU patients were being sent to southern Ontario.

Each day that goes by, is another day of infections, and another day of people’s lives put at risk in Thunder Bay.

We continue to ask this government for the support Thunder Bay needs to contain this virus. With each passing day, we are losing another opportunity to contain this outbreak.

The people of Thunder Bay, our medical teams, our schools, businesses and organizations, are all doing their part to stop this virus.

Now Doug Ford needs to stop ignoring our crisis, and do his part by declaring Thunder Bay a hot spot and send Thunder Bay resources and vaccines to help save lives.”