Adarsh Iyengar Is Becoming The Face Of Carnatic Music In The West, Read More

Adarsh Iyengar
Adarsh Iyengar

In the recent years, Indian music, especially classical music has been gaining popularity world wide with more and more people joining in the flow of learning it. Adarsh Iyengar, an independent musician has been playing an important role in the growing popularity of Indian music in Western Hemisphere.

Born and brought up in India, Adarsh currently resides in Arkansas and is a non resident Indian. He was born in the 13th of September 1987. By profession he is an IT program manager but is been a music lover since a very young age. A contributing factor to this could be his family background as they have deeply embedded roots in Carnatic music.

Ever since he was young, Adarsh’s talent as a musician started showing and has been growing ever since. He has a huge list of achievements to his name. Adarsh used to participate in numerous local competitions across Karnataka and has also been a part of various reality shows like “Idea star singer 2”, “ Fresh Voice of Karnataka” and ZEE Kannada’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – North America Chapter. He has also performed a celebrity guest singer in various TV shows as well.

Growing up, he also performed for live shows in Davengere, Mysore, Shimoga and Bengaluru. When he moved to the United States, he continued doing live shows and has performed at estabalisbed stages like the AKKA convention in Atlantic city.

Adarsh also served as the cultural director for the “Richmond Kannada Sangha from 2016 to 2018 and is now an active member of the NWA Kannada Sangha in Bentonville. They plan to start organising more events post the pandemic.

When Adarsh was asked about his future plans, he shared, “this is just the beginning, there is a lot more in the story to come.” Next, Adarsh plans to cover the popular cult classic song “Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua” in Kannada for which he has written his own lyrics and will present it in a unique way.

Independently, Adarsh runs his own YouTube channel where he shares covers of popular songs under his own production banner. With his latest releases, subscriptions to his channel has blown up and it continues to gain popularity because of the quality content.

You can check out Adarsh’s music on his YouTube channel – “AdarshIyengarMusical”.

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