Founder of Chow420, David Obasiolu Aims to Help Hemp Businesses Save Thousands in Legal Fees.

David Obasiolu
David Obasiolu

Less than a decade ago it was virtually impossible for small and medium  enterprises to fully leverage technology in the quest for increased operational efficiency to the extent of fundamentally disrupting the status quo. This has changed. A new breed of design thinkers and unrelenting young  business visionaries are effectively democratizing and facilitating  entrepreneurial endeavors on a scale the likes of which the world had never witnessed before.

People like Chow420 founder David Obasiolu have challenged and  reimagined obsolete models, helping business owners in the burgeoning  hemp space to streamline legal compliance during a time when the industry  is experiencing faster growth rates than ever before; This means that hemp  companies across America are now able to expand and consolidate their  operations, unencumbered and with their peace of mind intact.

When taking a closer look at the mindset behind this new generation of great  innovators, a few key insights seem to stand out immediately.

The journey starts at the beginning: Success is not an event; it is a  process. To finish any great endeavor, you must first start. This may not  be the start of a new business but could simply be the start of a new idea,  a new path or a new way. To be a standout success is to take each new  beginning and follow it through to the end. Remember to be consistent  and persistent, even on low energy days and you will be on the path to  victory.

There is no better time than now: One of the major fears that often holds  people back from successfully executing their business strategies can be  traced back to biased beliefs. There will never be a perfect time to make  that move, to launch that product or to scale your business. After  analyzing and planning you must be ready to execute.

Providing true value is your best calling card: When it comes to the fast  paced world of hemp, automating retailer compliance with state  registration requirements, automating sales tax compliance across all  states, automating retailer compliance with both customer’s state laws  and retailer´s state laws and providing extensive age verification of  customers for retailers are only a few of the groundbreaking possibilities  that Chow420 offers for only $10 per month.  Behind these instrumental offerings lies an obsession to provide real, quantifiable value to every single client that uses the platform, which will in turn save retailers thousands in legal fees every year.

By identifying major needs within a high growth market, entrepreneurs  like David have quickly and noticeably effected major positive changes  that benefit businesses and consumers alike. Are we in the presence of a  full scale paradigm shift? Only time will tell.

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